Makro General Detection Head 14" x 17"

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Makro General Detection Head 14" x 17"

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Questions Answered

The Makro General Detection Head is a medium sized coil that will detect targets up to 8 meters deep. This coil can be used with the Jeo Hunter and the Jeo Scan models.

Locate Gold, Silver & Platinum with the General Search Coil

Uncover gold and precious metals deeper than any device has ever reached before. The medium search coil will allow you to cover a large area while still maintaining good sensitivity to smaller targets. The larger the target, the greater the depth that will be achieved.

(The depths listed above are based on newly buried metal objects with no magnetic fields or effects formed yet. Over time, the metal object will oxidize and look larger to the detector, thus increasing the depths that are listed above. For objects buried longer, you can expect to go 3 to even 4 times deeper than the depth ranges listed in the chart above.)

Above, the Jeo Hunter is shown searching for Deep Treasures with the medium general search head attached.