JW Fishers SFP-1 Single Frequency Underwater Pinger

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JW Fishers SFP-1 Single Frequency Underwater Pinger



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JW Fishers SFP-1 is a commercial grade single frequency underwater pinger. This model can be preset at any one of the following frequencies: 22,32,40 or 50 kHz. Just choose your frequency at the time of your order.

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The SFP1 is available in several frequencies one of which is specified at time of order (22, 32, 40, or 50kHz). The MFP1 has user selectable frequencies from 20 to 50 kHz in 500 Hz increments. The operator selects one of 60 different frequencies before deploying the pinger. Many pingers can be deployed in the same general area, each broadcasting at a different frequency. This enables a diver a pinger receiver to pinpoint the exact location of each pinger out interference from the other pingers.

Intuitive Design

JW Fishers pingers are very flexible allowing the operator to select the number of pulses per second, the length of each pulse, and the output power. The length of each pulse and output power adjustments allow the operator to adjust the distance the pingers can be detected. the MFP1 the transmission frequency can be selected by the operator before deployment. These features make the SFP1 and the MFP1 extremely versatile and the first choice for almost any application.

Extended Power Capabilities

Power for the pingers is supplied by two standard alkaline 9 volt batteries which last from a few days to many months, depending on output power and pulse selection. For long durations lithium batteries can be used. A longer housing is also available which holds six batteries to give 3 times the normal operating time. The pinger can be automatically activated when put in the water or manually activated a switch.

Easily Mark Your Site Location

Pingers are devices that generate acoustic signals underwater. They are used to mark an underwater site or piece of equipment so a returning diver, using a pinger receiver, can locate the exact spot. Pingers are available different transmit frequencies so several can be deployed in the same general area out interference from each other. The diver adjusts his pinger receiver to the frequency of the desired pinger and the receiver leads him directly to it.

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