JW Fishers Sea Otter 2 ROV

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JW Fishers Sea Otter 2 ROV



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The JW FIshers SeaOtter is a completely mobile underwater camera system. This unit has a sophisticated 4 motor propulsion system with two motors for forward, reverse and two motors for vertical and lateral thrust. Meters on the console, monitor thrust for each motor.

Mobile Underwater Video

The SeaOtter ROV is a completely mobile underwater camera system capable of moving in any direction. Perfect for pipeline work, river and ocean searches, and the inspection of hazardous sites. The ROV allows a diving operation to dramatically reduce deep water search time.

Remotely Locate, Inspect and Video Tape

With the SeaOtter your team can locate, inspect, and video tape a target without entering the water. The ROV has a sophisticated four motor propulsion system; two motors for forward and reverse, and two motors for vertical and lateral thrust. All motors are reversible and operate at variable speeds of up to 2 mph. Four meters on the control panel monitor thrust and direction for each motor.

Hi Resolution Video

The SeaOtter sends its video picture to a topside 13 inch high resolution color monitor. A VCR can be connected to the monitor to make a permanent record. The color camera has a 6mm wide angle (50 degree) lens. The camera’s 70 degree tilt allows a full 120 degree viewing angle. Illumination is provided by four, 100 watt remotely controlled tungsten halogen lamps.

Intuitive and User Friendly Controls

The system is highly portable and very “user friendly”. With the optional spare parts kit, the ROV is completely field maintainable. Carrying case is included. JW Fishers SeaOtter ROV system represents a major breakthrough in cost/performance for a commercial grade ROV. This high performance system competes with systems costing more than twice as much.

Product Features Of The JW Fishers Sea Otter

  • 500 Ft Depth Capability
  • Two "Pan And Tilt" .3 Lux, 570L Color Cameras
  • Built-In 10.4 In Ultra Bright Color Monitor
  • 250 Ft Cable
  • 120v ac

Standard Factory Items Included

  • Warranty Certificate
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
Basic display for time / date / GPS PAL Camera with high resolution