JW Fishers Pulse 10 Boat Towed Metal Detector

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JW Fishers Pulse 10 Boat Towed Metal Detector



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This deep seeking boat towed underwater metal detector comes equipped with 150 ft. of cable. This model is an economical yet powerful metal detector for locating both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The Pulse 10 is JW Fishers most economical boat towed metal detector and is in use by military, law enforcement, commercial, and salvage divers worldwide. Its low cost and large detection area make this underwater detector an excellent choice for commercial operations, recreational and professional treasure hunting.

Powerful Features on a Budget

Fishers most economical boat-towed pulse induction metal detector detects both ferrous (iron/steel) and non-ferrous (gold/silver/aluminum/bronze/etc.) metals. The PULSE 10 has a large detection envelope and is ideal for searching small to medium size areas.

Fresh and Salt Water Operation

This detector works equally well in both fresh and salt water. It is in use by treasure hunters and salvage companies worldwide to locate a variety of targets including cannons, cannon balls, anchors, propellers, buried pipelines, lost airplanes, sunk cars, and shipwrecks.

Intuitive Operation

The Pulse 10 system consists of a Control Box, a Search Coil with 150 feet of cable, and a Tow Fish. The Search Coil mounts on the Fish and is towed through the water at 1-3 mph. An alarm sounds and the meter swings up when the Coil passes over a metal object.

Simple Power Requirements

Power is supplied by two 12 volt batteries (not included). An altimeter can be attached to show the distance between the Fish and the bottom. The Coil can be removed from the Fish and held by a diver to pinpoint buried targets. With the Coil detached from the Fish, the system can also be used for land applications.

Standard Factory Items Included

  • Warranty Certificate
  • Detailed Instruction Manual