JW Fishers Proton 5 Boat Towed Magnetometer

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JW Fishers Proton 5 Boat Towed Magnetometer



Questions Answered

The PROTON 5 is a fifth-generation proton magnetometer from JW Fishers. It is a top-performing microprocessor-driven marine magnetometer detection system. The Proton 5 definitive detector for iron and steel targets. Its maximum range capability of 1,500 feet (450m) on each side (3,000-foot total swath) lets you search a wide area quickly and completely. The mag is also a good choice for locating a variety of smaller targets such as pipelines, anchors, chains, cannons, dredge heads, etc. It is especially useful when objects are buried in the bottom and can't be found with sonar or video search systems.

JW Fishers Proton 5 Boat Towed Magnetometer

The detection range is unaffected by the medium between the magnetometer and the metal target. Performance does not change whether detected through the air, water, silt, sand, or solid coral. Its extremely large detection area makes this magnetometer the ideal choice for both commercial operations and professional wreck hunters.

With a one Nano-Tesla (nT) sensitivity, it has the maximum usable sensitivity for a towed proton precession magnetometer. A two-second cycle time gives a strong return signal and is fast enough to detect even small iron/steel targets. The PROTON 5 features a triaxial noise-canceling sensor that allows omnidirectional towing without heading error or dead zone. The system is fully digitized and displays the current 5-digit measurement on an easy-to-read 6-inch LCD screen that is backlit for night operations. Up to 80 of the previous measurements are also displayed graphically in a history plot on the LCD. With the optional altimeter, the distance off the bottom of the towfish is displayed. User-friendly menus allow easy configuration of all operation settings and system tuning directly from the top-side control box. An adjustable audio alarm lets the operator decide how much of a change in the baseline reading will cause the alarm to fire.

The towfish has excellent hydrodynamic characteristics, moving smoothly through the water at tow speeds up to 10 knots. The Fish can be towed at almost any speed but should be towed slow to locate small targets or when towing the Fish deep. A 2-3 knot tow speed is recommended for small targets. With the optional UA-3 Altimeter, precise distance off the bottom can be maintained. For deep water towing, the Fish is towed behind the optional DDW-1 Deep Dive Wing depressor. The collapsible PROTON 5 towfish easily fits into a watertight Pelican® case. Modular construction allows easy field repair, should it ever be necessary.

The base system includes a 200-foot depth rated towfish, 150 feet of Kevlar reinforced tow cable, and topside control box. Optional USB data output and Tracker 3 software are available which allow the mag readout to be displayed on a laptop computer, along with GPS position coordinates. Target position is displayed and recorded on the computer. An optional Microsoft Surface ® tablet can be mounted in the control box lid, eliminating the need for a separate laptop computer making it a streamlined package.

JW Fishers Proton 5 Boat Towed Magnetometer Specifications

  • Fully Digitized
  • Displays 5-digit measurement on 6” LCD screen
  • User friendly menus
  • Auto Tuning
  • Towfish separates into two pieces to fit in Pelican® case
  • Strong detection of iron and steel
  • The Proton 5 is backed by Fishers exclusive, unconditional TWO YEAR warranty.