JW Fishers Proton 4 Underwater Magnetometer

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JW Fishers Proton 4 Underwater Magnetometer

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The most powerful boat towed metal detector for ferrous metals. A high performance, micro-processor driven system, the Proton 4 is the ultimate detector for ferrous metals such as iron and steel. The Proton 4 is in use by military, law enforcement, commercial, and salvage divers world wide. Its extremely large detection area make this detector ideal for both commercial operations and professional treasure hunters.

The Latest Generation JW Fishers Magnetometer

The PROTON 4 is a fourth generation proton magnetometer from JW Fishers. It is a top performing microprocessor driven marine magnetometer detection system. With a one gamma sensitivity, it has the maximum usable sensitivity for a towed magnetometer. A two second cycle time gives a strong return signal and is fast enough to detect even small iron/steel targets. The PROTON 4 features a triaxial noise-cancelling sensor that allows omnidirectional towing without heading error or dead zone.

Easy To Read Backlit Display

The system is fully digitized and displays it’s output on an easy to read 5 digit LCD that is backlit for night operations. The optional built-in printer creates a permanent record of the mag readouts. The gamma reading is printed out on each cycle and, with input from a GPS receiver, the target’s position is also printed out. An alarm informs the operator when the readout changes. An RS232 output and software package are also available. The Fish has excellent hydrodyamic characteristics moving smoothly through the water at tow speeds up to 10 knots. A 2-3 knot tow speed is recommended for small targets. With the optional Altimeter, precise distance off the bottom can be maintained.

Capable of Deep Water Towing

For deep water towing, the Fish is towed behind a downrigger. The Fish can be towed at almost any speed, but should be towed slow to locate small targets or when towing the Fish deep. A sensitivity switch allows easy pinpointing of targets. Modular construction allows easy field repair, should it ever be necessary.

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