JW Fishers DV-2 Surface Dropped Underwater Video Camera System

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JW Fishers DV-2 Surface Dropped Underwater Video Camera System

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The DV-2 dropped video system provides a cost effective method for underwater search and inspection operations. The system is deployed over the side of the vessel and lowered to the bottom. Targets can be verified and recorded without incurring time consuming check out dives. The camera is capable of both downward and side viewing

Portability, Rugged Construction, Ease of Operation

JW Fishers DV-2 dropped video system is ideal for checking dive sites before entering the water or performing a variety of underwater searches. Difficult or dangerous dives can be avoided, and underwater objects or search areas can easily be viewed and recorded, all without time consuming check-out dives. The DV-2 can assist law enforcement agencies in their evidence recovery operations and help dive rescue groups with their deep water search operations, eliminating the need for decompression dives. The DV-2 system includes a high resolution black & white camera in a rugged corrosion-proof PVC housing, two powerful 100 watt quartz halogen lights and a 150 foot cable. The standard B&W camera has a 0.5 lux rating and a 6mm lens which gives a 50 degree viewing angle. If the DV-2 is 10 feet from the bottom an area approximately 10 foot in diameter is being viewed. The high power lights are mounted on outrigger arms placing them away from the underwater housing to disperse the light pattern over a larger area and eliminating lighting “hot spots”. The electrical cables are encased in a hollow core polypropylene rope that protects the cables and provides a strong tow member. Sharp, clear video images are produced by the DV-2’s camera, which are sent topside for viewing. The high intensity underwater lights are water-cooled allowing many operations between bulb replacement.

A Premium Vertical Dropped Camera System

The DV-2 was designed for use as a vertical drop camera, however, a second tether line can be attached to front of the housing to lift it for horizontal viewing. The housing can also be carried by a diver to perform inspections or film underwater objects. Unlike battery powered systems, the DV-2 is powered by 120 volts ac allowing unlimited operating time with the use of a small generator. There are a number of options available for the system including color cameras, cable lengths up to 1,000 feet and various depth ratings to 1000 feet. The complete system is covered by Fishers 2 year warranty.

Understand The DIfferences

Some underwater camera systems on the market today claim they contain “infrared cameras” that can see in total darkness. These are not the heat sensitive cameras normally referred to as infrared. These “infrared cameras” require an infrared light source made up of photo diodes. The problem is this light source has an extremely short range in the water. In actual tests, these “infrared cameras” had a viewing range and picture quality significantly less than that of our high resolution low light cameras. Infrared cameras do have the advantage of being extremely cheap. These cameras cost far less than even the high quality lens used in JW Fishers underwater video systems.

Topside the DV-2 connects to a video monitor or standard TV. The video can be recorded on any VCR to make a permanent record of that favorite dive site or an inspection job. The DV-2 system includes a 0.5 lux black and white camera in a corrosion-proof PVC housing with built in leak detection system, two high intensity 100 watt underwater lights, and a 150 foot deployment cable. The underwater lights employ a unique water cooling system which allows the DV-2 to operate for many, many hours without the need for bulb replacement. Options for the system include cable lengths up to 1,000', color or very low light B&W cameras, color or B&W monitors, PAL cameras for European use, additional lights, 12 vdc or 220 vac voltage inputs, 500' and 1,000' depth rated housings.

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