JW Fishers DHC-2 Diver Held Camera

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JW Fishers DHC-2 Diver Held Camera

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A diver controlled, underwater camera system with topside viewing. JW Fishers diver held underwater video system is ideally suited for commercial operations.

A Cost Effective Under Water Camera

The DHC-2 Diver Held Camera provides a cost effective method for underwater search and video inspections. The DHC-2 is an ideal tool for hull inspections, bridge inspections, or any of the numerous underwater structure inspections encountered by today's commercial diver.

Versatile Configurations

The DHC-2 can be carried by, or mounted to, a diver. The system can also be attached to any underwater structure for around-the-clock monitoring of underwater sites. The camera operation and lighting are controlled with a switch on the rear of the camera housing and can also be controlled from the surface. The DHC-2 uses power from the boat to operate it's camera and lighting systems. A built-in GFI circuit ensures diver safety. The system can be used in water depths up to 500 feet.

A Full Featured Hand Held Diver Camera

Topside the DHC-2 connects to a video monitor or standard TV. The video can be recorded on any VCR to provide your client with a permanent record of the inspection job.

The DHC-2 system includes a commercial grade 0.5 lux black and white camera in a corrosion-proof PVC housing with built-in leak detection system, two high intensity 100 watt underwater lights, and a 150 foot abrasion resistant urethane jacketed cable. The cable has an in-line underwater connector near the housing which allows the umbilical to be separated from the camera housing for easy transport and storage of the system. The underwater lights employ a unique water cooling system which allow many hours of operation without the need for bulb replacement.

Options for the system include up to a 1,000 feet of cable, color or very low light B&W cameras, color or B&W monitors, PAL cameras for European use, and 12 volt dc or 220 volt ac voltage inputs.

Key Features of the DHC-2:

Portability, rugged construction, low cost, and ease of operation

Standard Factory Items Included

  • Warranty Certificate
  • Detailed Instruction Manual