Goldak Triad 2310 ULSX Pipe, Cable and Sonde Locator

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Goldak Triad 2310 ULSX Pipe, Cable and Sonde Locator



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Goldak Triad 2310 ULSX Multi-Frequency Pipe, Cable and Sonde Locator - Technologically Advanced Pipe and Cable plus Sonde Locating System complete with ULS Receiver and Multifrequency Transmitter for all line including passive and sonde locating applications.

Goldak Triad 2310 Field Use

The Goldak Triad 2310 ULSX is a light-weight, durable, and compact Digital Locating receiver for Utility line detection such as pipe and cable, passive line locating, and sonde locating. Superior compatibility with over 35 cataloged frequencies standard. Will automatically scan and tune to any cataloged frequency between 50 Hz-200 KHz.

Complete with multi-frequency (9), 10-watt capable transmitting built in to the carry case for conductive and inductive line energizing.

Goldak Triad 2310 ULSX Pipe, Cable and Sonde Locator Features:

  • Uncomplicated and intuitive user interface that simplifies and speeds up most locating jobs.
  • LCD screen offers visual display of intended target as well as audio response.
  • Visual response provides both location and orientation of desired line or sonde.
  • Search direction indicators, constant numerical response, automatic gain and set-up options.
  • Universal application as both receiver and transmitter are compatible with other locators on the market.
  • Will automatically scan and synchronize to any cataloged frequency between 50 Hz - 200 KHz.
  • Receiver comes standard with over 35 cataloged frequencies.
  • Receiver comes standard with 4 passive modes (high voltage mode optional).
  • Automatic depth and accuracy reporting.
  • Single trigger control.
  • Lightweight and compact: Receiver just over 4 pounds, Transmitter approximately 13 pounds.

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