Goldak 4360 Pipe and Leak Detector Combo

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Goldak 4360 Pipe and Leak Detector Combo

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Questions Answered

Goldak 4360 Pipe and Leak Detector Combo Kit - A Complete Leak Detection and Pipe Tracing System! Everything you need to get get the job done or to get started in leak detection. The leak detector combined with a gun style pipe locator all in one carrying case allows the convenience of locating water leaks and tracing metallic piping.

The Goldak 4360 is a combination Leak Detector and Pipe Locating System. This complete underground leak locating kit is ideal for users of all levels, beginner to expert. Perfect for locating and pinpointing residential and commercial slab leaks. These Goldak brand products are preferred by experienced technicians.

Goldak 4360 Liquid Leak Detector Features:

  • Solid aluminum construction housing contains circuitry, controls and meter: Weight 2.5lbs. Dimensions: 3" x 6" x 10"
  • "Easy to read sensitive meter that displays microphone response and indicates battery status"
  • "Wide-range controls to adjust amplifier gain, meter sensitivity and filter frequency "
  • Filter Range 20Hz - 500Hz on 'Lo', 20Hz - 3.5KHz on 'Hi
  • Bell is an optional accessory and may purchased separately.

Goldak 4360 Pipe Locator Features:

  • Compact, portable, lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Precise multi-position antenna ensures pin-point precision locating
  • Easy to use controls and crisp audio response make line locating and identification simple

Goldak 4360 Leak Detector Specifications:

DIMENSIONS: Housing: Aluminum 3” x 6” x 10”
FILTER RANGE: 20 Hz to 500 Hz on “Lo”, 20 Hz to 3.5 KHz on “Hi”
POWER SOURCE: 6 “AA” Batteries
CONTROLS: Power: On, Off, Battery Test, Amplifier Gain, Meter Sensitivity, Frequency Filter, Mute Button
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Ultra-Sensitive Microphone, 12” Probe, Acoustic Bell Housing, 8 Ohm Stereo Headset.

Goldak 4360 Pipe Locator Specifications:

DIMENSIONS: Transmitter: 11” x 5” x 3.75”, Receiver: 20.5” x 6.5” x 9”, Carrying Case: 29” x 17” x 9”
OPERATING WEIGHT: Transmitter & Receiver: 6 lbs
POWER SOURCE: 16 “AA” Alkaline Batteries (8 each in transmitter & receiver)
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Direct Connection Cable, Ground Rod.

The Goldak 4360 is covered by a one year warranty on manufacturing defects and workmanship.

Why buy your Goldak 4360 Leak Detector from us?

We are a factory authorized Goldak Distributor. We stock a wide range of their products and accessories. Goldak products include industry-leading pipe and cable locators, leak detectors, valve locators, power line locators, EMS marker locators, and more. We have product specialists on staff to support your needs. We work closely with Goldak to stay current with their latest products and technologies. Our product specialists will take the time to help you pick out the right Goldak model for your project needs.