Garrett Retriever II Pick

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The Garrett Retriever II Pick is perfect for recovering finds in the field. Rare earth magnet collects ferrous materials for you. Get into tight crevasses and hard to reach places without any problems. Break up rocks and hard ground with the featured steel pick. Great for river beds and shallow water areas.

Charles Garrett has used this style of digging tool for more than 30 years. Rugged and reliable, this relic retriever II Pick will help fetch your treasure targets quickly. Ideal for use in forests, streams, fields, and beaches. The built-in magnet clears ferrous junk metal from the excavation area. Overall 19” length, 9.375” width pickhead from tip to tip. Steel tool with hand grip and reinforced head in silver vein powder coat finish. Weight: 2.8 lbs.

  • The Angled Digging Blade is rugged enough to pick through clay ground or chop through small roots.
  • Chiseled 3” digging blade and a narrow tip on the other end for picking through tight, rocky areas
  • Powerful rare earth magnet on top for ferrous items
  • Ideal for prospecting and shallow water hunting in rocky areas

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