Garrett Multi Zone™ Walk-Through Security Metal Detector

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Garrett Multi Zone™ Walk-Through Security Metal Detector



Questions Answered

The Garrett Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector is a powerful yet affordable security solution for schools and government buildings, as well as large public arenas used for sporting events and concerts. Be sure to read our Garrett PD6500i versus Garrett Multizone™ Walk-Through Security Metal Detectors comparison guide.

Garrett Multi Zone™ Walk-Through Metal Detector

Garrett’s Multi-Zone™ walkthrough provides the precise location of one or more metal objects simultaneously. Designed to be user-friendly for operators, the Multi-Zone™ includes an Auto-Scan function that automatically selects the optimal operating frequency for environmental noise cancellation.

Other helpful features include an intuitive menu design with clear prompts; a convenient slider bar to quickly adjust the value of a detector setting; and pre-set programs geared to meet the needs of specific security applications, such as special events, mass transit, and loss prevention.

The Garrett Multizone is a versatile and affordable walk-through metal detector that is ideal for schools, stadiums, office buildings, nightclubs, u.s. airports, entertainment venues. Over 15 programs come pre-loaded for instant setup based on the location's needs. This model provides superior detection and unmatched discrimination features. Co-founded by geophysical engineer Charles Garrett and educator Eleanor Garrett, Garrett Metal Detectors is the global leader in metal detection products for security and law enforcement applications.

The Multi Zone provides superior pinpoint technology. You can hear alarm signals through the external speaker. This unit is trusted by security professionals. The device uses multi zone detection to let you know where the item is located in the multiple target locations the device detects. The zone indication shows where the target was found. This model includes both visual and audible external alarms. Easy-to-use controls and bright indicators make operation simple for operators of all levels. One or more objects may be located quickly and precisely using 20 detection zones. This multi zone detection unit can be used in conjunction with the Garrett Super Scanner V hand held metal detector.

Heavy duty aluminum heads and support detection are included in this model. A directional counter keeps track of the throughput of the device. Model meets IP 55, IEC 529 Standards for moisture, foreign matter protection. Garrett metal detectors warranty covers parts and labor on the Multizone for a period of 24 months. With the battery backup option, you can power the walk through metal detector when the power goes out. With a full 20 Zone Precision Multi Zone capability, you are protected from head to toe, similar to the Garrett PD you see used in the airport. The Garrett pd6500i includes 33 pinpoint zone detection and is used in European airports and meets ecac requirements. This is a major advance over basic multi zone detectors.

Pacing lights on entry side only, with intuitive images. LED zone indicator lights on both panels. You can see the sensitivity on the LCD display. The bright led visual alarm is easy to see. Synchronization is provided by internal circuitry and four selectable channel frequencies. This allows as many Multizone detectors as possible to be grouped as close as 2 inches apart. Over 15 standard programs are included with the device, covering a variety of common uses. The large LCD display allows you to choose from settings on the keypad designed for airports, courts, prisons, schools, facilities, mass transit, loss prevention and your special event among others.

Multizone's intuitive menu design makes it easy to use. It has an auto-scan function. The user can easily adjust a setting's value using the slider bar. LED indicators provide high-intensity feedback. For those of us across the globe, you can easily select your language from the menu. The Multi Zone requires no need to switch, rewire or adjust the power on this Garrett product as it is fully automatic from 100 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hertz, 45 Watts. The device is made from scratch and mar-resistant laminate construction from a variety of materials including aluminum, and contains detection heads that are shielded from electrical interference sources such as non Garrett walk throughs.

Fast, Easy, Versatile Security

With an optional iC Module, the Garrett Multi-Zone™ can be wired or wirelessly networked for control and monitoring purposes. High-intensity LED indicators on the detector—five times brighter than the indicator lights on some machines—are clearly visible, even in direct sunlight. When equipped with optional casters and a backup battery, the Multi-Zone is fully portable for deployment without the use of power cables. In addition to such versatility, the unit is protected from tampering by several layers of access control.

Preview Video Of Multi Zone™

Accurate Pinpointing

The Multi Zone’s twenty zones provide the precise location of one or more objects simultaneously. Multiple targets are indicated on both walkthrough panels simultaneously via bright LED zone indicators.

Garrett Multi Zone™ Walk-Through Metal Detector Features 20 Zones


Don’t Be Caught In The Dark

Includes 1-hour emergency back-up battery module in the event of power outage or AC power disconnect. 10-hour operation battery also available.


Portable Protection - Fast, easy, versatile security.

Equipped with optional casters and battery module, the Multi-Zone. can be rapidly deployed at special events, schools, and other large venues.

No wires to deal with. Easy to move to another location at a moment’s notice.

Garrett Multi Zone™ Additional Features:


Garrett Multi Zone™ Walk-Through Optimum Performance

More than 15 application programs are engineered to address the needs of schools, airports, prisons, courthouses, special events, and other applications.


The Multi Zone's twenty zones provide precise location of one or more objects simultaneously.


Garrett Multi Zone™ Walk-Through Directional Counter

With four settings for counting (forward, reverse, subtract in reverse, and bi-directional).


Garrett Multi Zone™ Walk-Through Networking Ability

Manage walkthroughs individually or as groups and perform statistical analysis via network with iC Module.


The Multi-Zone™ scans electromagnetic environment and selects optimal frequency for noise cancellation.


Field programmable to allow system upgrades. Environmentally protected against wind, rain and dust.


Tamper-free detector controls via a 5-digit alpha/numeric system that has 60 million code combos. Additional security measures include a programmable keypad restriction and switch secured in the lockable cabinet.


32-character menu prompts are easy to understand (i.e. no confusing codes or acronyms to memorize).


Garrett Multi Zone™ Walk-Through Bright Led Indicators

Eye-level green and red status lights, and zone indicators are highly visible, even in direct sunlight.


Garrett Multi Zone™ Walk-Through Superior Versatility

For updating software.


Garrett Multi Zone™ Walk-Through Enhanced Access Control

Advanced circuitry allows multiple detectors to be installed as close as 2 inches from each other.



Use to quickly adjust the value of a setting.


Why Buy your Garrett Multi Zone™ Walk-Through Security Metal Detector from us?

You can be confident in your purchase from We are one of Garrett's oldest and largest factory authorized United States dealers. Since 1987, we have represented the full line of Garrett security detectors and accessories. Trusted walk thru metal detectors, hand scanners and thermal imaging products from Garrett are used in schools, government buildings and special events around the world. We offer you expert advice and support on Garrett security metal detectors and accessories. Our factory-trained staff works closely with Garrett to stay up on their latest security products and technology.

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