Garrett Walk Through Metal Detector Control Monitor & Analyzer (CMA) Interface Module

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The Control Monitor & Analyzer (CMA) Interface Module is designed for use with Garrett walk-through security metal detectors.

For use with All Current Garrett Walk Through Metal Detectors!

Garrett Metal Detectors has introduced the Control, Monitor, Analyzer Interface Module (CMA), which is a multi-functional product designed specifically for Garrett walk-through metal detectors. The CMA provides remote network access to data collection, alarm statistics and real-time detector events for monitoring and / or analyzing. When connected to a 10-Base T network the walk-through unit can be remotely monitored and controlled from any location around the world.

Control Your Garrett Walk Through Metal Detector

The CMA enables an end user to remotely change any setting on the walk-through metal detector as if physically standing in front of the unit. The CMA also allows end-users to successfully integrate Garrett walk-through metal detectors into an existing access control security system that includes video surveillance and card-access portals. Supervisory access codes are required to change walk-through settings.

Monitor Control Your Garrett Walk Through Metal Detector

The CMA enables the end-user to monitor an unlimited number of walk-through units (depending on network structure) in real-time. End-users can monitor such information as patron throughput, alarm count and bar graph activity. The CMA also permits a certified technician to troubleshoot the unit from a remote location if needed. Multiple walk-through units can be monitored simultaneously using one CMA per unit.

Analyze Control Your Garrett Walk Through Metal Detector

The CMA presents statistical graphs and data that help determine patron and alarm count to better regulate staffing needs at security checkpoints. Data can be analyzed on daily, weekly, monthly or annually basis. The CMA is engineered with a non-volatile memory component that retains all data collected for up to 12 months.

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