Detech SSP 5100 Pro Pack Deep Seeking Metal Detector System with 1 Meter Square + 18" Round Coils

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Detech SSP 5100 Pro Pack Deep Seeking Metal Detector System with 1 Meter Square + 18" Round Coils

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See Your Treasure! Detech SSP 5100 is a Visual Target Identification metal detector with Discriminating Deep Pulse Technology. This Deep-seeking Pulse metal detector ships as a complete system for locating deeply buried treasures. The included 1 meter x 1 meter deep seeking search coil will locate Gold, Silver, Platinum and precious metal treasures to 4 meters. This Pro Pack kit also includes the 18" Round Discriminating Coil to locate treasures to 2 Meters. Targets are identified as Fe Ferrous (Iron and Steel) or Non-Ferrous (Gold, Silver, Copper etc.) right on the LCD display screen! See the size of the target visually on the display. Includes built In Rechargeable Power and real time battery display. Optional coils extend the range to 8 meters under ground!

Deep-Seeking Discrimating Pulse System Locates Gold + Precious Treasure to 8 Meters!

Detech Treasure Finds

The Detech SSP 5100 features a revolutionary and unique Discriminating Pulse Induction technology. Now you can locate Gold, Silver, Platinum and other precious metal treasures at extreme depth. Unlike ordinary VLF two box metal detectors, this model uses Pulse technology to eliminate the effects of minerals in the ground for smooth operation. Now you can discover the deep treasures that other treasure hunters have missed.

Choose from 4 Deep-Seeking Search Coil Options

The SSP 5100 system ships standard with the 1 meter x 1 meter Square search coil. This deep seeking search coil will locate Gold, Silver, Platinum and precious metal treasures to 4 meters below ground. This Pro Pack system includes the 18" round search coil which will locate smaller targets and treasures from the surface to 2 meters down. Need even more depth? Just add either the 1.5 meter x 1.5 meter or 2.0 meter x 2.0 meter square search coil heads to locate treasures from 6 to 8 meters deep respectively. For treasure cache's buried down to 2 meters, add the 18 inch round search coil which includes a complete pole set with coil hardware.

Detech Coil Depth Chart

See Your Treasure! Visual Target Identification with Discriminating Deep Pulse Technology

Gone are the days of digging every target to discover what you have found. The SSP5100 uses a digital microprocessor to analyze and Finds Gold and Precious Metal treasures. The chart below shows actual buried targets. Targets are identified as Ferrous Fe (Iron and Steel) or Non Ferrous (Gold, Silver, Copper etc.) on the display screen! Discrimination of ferrous objects is made possible by a magnetometer built into the search coil. The Discrimination mode of operation avoids the unnecessary digging of unwanted shallow ferrous targets.

Identify Your Target Size Visually!

You can see Size of the target visually on the display. The target size is graphed on the LCD. You can also see the Ferrous (Fe) and Non-Ferrous indication on the display. The proportional audio alerts you to deep targets with a faint sound. Targets that are closest to the surface are louder.

Detech Finds Endorsement

Real Detech Treasure Finds!

Romanian Treasure Hunter Locates Hoard of 6,500 Ottoman Silver Coins!

As with any amazing buried treasure find, you need the best equipment and some good fortune to locate your treasure. Pictured with his finds located with his Detech metal detector.  This treasure was located in Manesti Parrish, Romania on February 16, 2016. The treasure cache of more than 6,500 Ottoman era silver coins was concealed in 3 small ceramic pots. All three pots were located together!

Built In Rechargeable Power + Real Time Battery Display

The Detech SSP 5100 detector contains an internal rechargeable battery system. Using the latest in technology, the battery can be charged at any time. You can see visually the battery level on the LCD display as shown below. The system ships with a wall plug charger. Hunt all day on a single charge. You can also instantly switch to the included Alkaline Battery Pod in the field if your battery runs low.

Detech SSP 5100 Battery Charging Status Display

Just Turn It On And Go - No Complicated Programming!

Unlike other Deep-Seeking models of metal detectors, this unit features both an Auto Tune mode for beginners and a Manual Tune model for advanced users. Either way, you will be finding treasure from your very first time out. In addition to a complete owner's manual, a quick start guide ships with each unit.

Detech SSP 5100 Auto Tune Display

Quickly Scan Large Areas - Locate Treasure From A Distance Below You

Each step taken with the deep seeking coil will cover an area of one meter square. Two people can quickly scan a very large site quickly. The deep seeking 1 meter x 1 meter Square coil will locate treasure from the surface straight down to 4 meters below you! The 18" round coil is for locating down to 2 meters under ground and is operated by a single user. The SSP-5100 is capable of receiving and analyzing multiple signals or targets simultaneously.


Detech SSP 5100 Search Pattern

Back Lit Digital LCD Display Shows Detailed Target Analysis

No additional software or hardware is required. The user is alerted directly on the display screen in real time when valuable targets have been identified. Everything you need is built right in to the SSP-5100 metal detector. Analysis is provided through a micro-processor controlled digital LCD display system. In the field, results are displayed to you instantly, right down to the category of metal and target size.

Detech SSP 5100 Target ID Display

Simple Layout - Full Control

Use with your favorite stereo headphones or listen to the audio through the supplied speaker shown below on the right. The search coil port, shown on left, doubles as a battery charging port. Simply plug the wall plug charger supplied into a power outlet to recharge. The charging status is shown on the display screen. You can also power the device with the supplied Alkaline Battery Tray that just plugs right into the port to the left of the headphone jack below.

Detech SSP 5100 Rear Panel Controls

Detech SSP-5100 Pro Pack Ships in a 19" x 23" x 8" Color Box Complete With Everything Listed Below:

  • 1 meter x 1 meter Square Deep Seeking Pulse Coil
  • 18" Round Discriminating Coil with Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • Carry Straps for Deep Seeking Search Coil
  • 110 / 220 Volt Wall Plug Charger
  • USA Power Adapter
  • Alkaline Battery Pod with Leather Holster
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Quick Start User Guide
  • Leather System Control Box Holster
  • LCD Digital System Control Box
  • System Control Box Carry Strap
  • System Cordura Carry Case with Carry Handles


Detech SSP-5100 Metal Detector Technical Specifications:

  • Continuous Power Consumption: min 110 mA
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 180 mA
  • Working Frequency: 100 Hz
  • Sound Range: 0.2 Hz - 2.0 KHz
  • Battery: Rechargeable 1800mA / 12V
  • Charger Input: 110V AC, 60Hz
  • Charger Output: 17V DC
  • Battery Charging Time (empty): maximum 10 hours
  • Depth Control for Maximized Detection Depth
  • Back Lit LCD Display Screen
  • Headphone Input: 1/4" Mono Jack
  • Optimum Temperature Range: 33-122 Degrees F, 0-50 Degrees C
  • Control Box Weight including Battery: 24.69 ounces, 700 grams

Why Buy Your Detech SSP 5100 metal detector from

Detech has been designing and manufacturing advanced hobby detectors, treasure detectors and deep seeking search coils since 1990. Their patented Ultimate and SEF Butterfly coils enhance all the top models. As the distributor for Detech in the USA and Canada, we stock their full line of deep seeking Detech Metal Detectors and Search Coils. We work closely with Detech to stay current with their latest products and technology. Our factory trained product specialists will take the time to help you pick out the right metal detector for your needs. Our team is just a phone call away before or after you select your Detech metal detector.

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