Sand Scoop Carrier Product Review

By Michael Bernzweig

Sand scoops are an important metal detecting accessory for sure, but carrying them the entire outing can also become a burden, no matter how useful they really are. Finally there’s a solution! Made in the USA by ReadyShovel, the Sand Scoop Carrier is a belt mounted holster for your beach sand scoop that offers a way to free up your hands while metal detecting, yet, still have your sand scoop right by your side when you need it.

All you need to experience the freedom the Sand Scoop Carrier can offer is a 2 1/4 inch diameter belt. Then, just attach the Sand Scoop Carrier, hang your beach sand scoop from the hook and head out metal detecting. Whenever you need your sand scoop just take it off the hook, then replace it when you’re done. It’s that simple!

The Sand Scoop Carrier isn’t just easy to use though, it’s also comfortable to wear. This is because ReadyShovel designed it to hang close enough to your body that it’s not snagging trees or hitting your arm while you’re treasure hunting, but far enough away that your beach sand scoop isn’t slamming your thigh when you walk either.

Not only that, the Sand Scoop Carrier is durable too. Made of premium heavy weight leather with a quality steel hook, the Sand Scoop Carrier will be part of your metal detecting gear for many years to come.

With features like this, every metal detectorist will want one, but, how does the Sand Scoop Carrier perform out in the field? Here are a few customer reviews from folks currently using the device.

“Beach hunting has never been more fun. Thanks for recommending the Sand Scoop Carrier....”

"The quality is impressive...”

“My sand scoop was out of my way the entire metal detecting trip yet right there when I needed it...”

If you’d like additional information about the Sand Scoop Carrier head over to our product page. Here you’ll be able to view an informational video, the full manual, detailed specifications, and more to help you learn all you can about this incredibly helpful accessory and maybe even add it to your metal detecting tool kit.

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