ReadyShovel Product Review

By Michael Bernzweig

If, like most metal detectorists, you find that carrying along your T-handle, or D-handle shovel gets cumbersome after a while, you’re going to really like the ReadyShovel from Didio’s Detecting. Designed and made in the USA, the ReadyShovel is a belt mounted holster created so you can have a place to put your shovel when not in use, yet still have it easily accessible the moment you need it for digging up your treasures.

This might make it sound like the ReadyShovel is a complex product, but it’s not. It’s actually quite simple to use and is amazingly affordable as well! All you have to do is slide the ReadyShovel device onto any 2 ¼” inch belt, snap your metal detecting shovel in, and start hunting for treasure. Then, when your machine has a hit, just snap your shovel back out to see what you’ve found.

Not only is the ReadyShovel easy to use, it’s also comfortable to wear. With it’s placement and unique design the ReadyShovel is lightweight, and holds your metal detecting shovel at just the right spot so it won’t hit your leg when you walk or bend down.

Built from quality materials like heavy weight leather and rugged KydexTM plastic, the ReadyShovel is also made to be durable so you can take it into the most challenging metal detecting conditions and still enjoy the convenience it provides for many years. To show you more about how the ReadyShovel performs out in the field, here are a few customer reviews from metal detectorists already using this unique device.

“.....The ReadyShovel is holding up great and is very easy to clip and unclip“

“My 18 inch Lesche Sampson shovel was never in my way while walking or kneeling down on my side. This is a great product!”

“...Works great and sure beats having to keep up with the shovel by carrying it around. I give the ReadyShovel 2 thumbs up!”

As you can see, the ReadyShovel really is a helpful metal detecting accessory made with quality materials that will bring you many years of hands free metal detecting for very little investment. To learn more about the ReadyShovel visit our product page. Here you’ll be able to view an informational video, the complete product specifications, and much more so you can decide how the ReadyShovel can enhance your particular style of metal detecting and begin enjoying its convenience right away.

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