Garrett Waterproof Metal Detector Comparison: ATX Standard versus ATX Deepseeker Packages

Since 1964, Garrett has been manufacturing and selling high-quality metal detectors at affordable prices. Their detectors continue to improve with advanced technology, and their relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction remains.

Comparing Garrett ATX Standard and Garrett ATX Deepseeker Waterproof Metal Detectors

Featuring pulse technology, the Garrett ATX metal detector can locate even the smallest gold nuggets and the tiniest relics and coins in the most challenging conditions. With military-grade design, the ATX is at home on land and water. An advanced pulse detector, that is ready for your next hunt no matter what you are searching for.

Garrett ATX Waterproof Standard Package with 12" Coil

The ATX is the perfect companion for the harshest conditions. It provides maximum detection on all targets. No need to switch modes and miss one type of target while focusing on another. It also features advanced ground balance perfect for highly mineralized ground and or saltwater without having to use special modes. The Garrett ATX is the ultimate gold nugget prospecting machine.

Garrett ATX Waterproof Deepseeker Package with 12" and 20" Coils

The Deepseeker Package enables the ATX to search even deeper to find more treasure, including deeply buried treasure caches. The package includes a 20" Deepseeker Mono Searchcoil in addition to the standard 12" DD coil. It also comes with a military-grade Garrett hard case to keep your investment protected. Look no further than the Garrett ATX Deepseeker when searching for deep gold nuggets or veins of gold.

What the Garrett ATX Waterproof Standard Package and Garrett ATX Waterproof Deepseeker Package Metal Detector Have in Common

  • Search Coil: 12" DD Coil
  • Land Headphones
  • Waterproof up to 10 feet
  • Advanced Ground Balance
  • Exclusive Design DD Search Coil
  • Motion and Non-Motion Modes
  • Fully Collapsible - Can be operated in any configuration
  • Quick Iron Check
  • External Speaker
  • Frequency Scan - Automatically eliminates RF interference.
  • What is Unique to the Garrett ATX Waterproof Standard Package
  • Soft storage travel case
  • Search Coil: 12" DD Coil
  • What is Unique to the Garrett ATX Waterproof Deepseeker Package
  • Search Coils: 12" DD Coil and 20" Deepseeker Mono Coil
  • Military-grade Garrett hard case
  • Optional Search Coils for Garrett ATX Metal Detectors

Garrett ATX Deepseeker 15" x 20" Monoloop Seachcoil

The largest search coil available for Garrett's ATX metal detectors, this coil is ready to locate large, deep treasure on beaches and other highly mineralized areas.

Garrett ATX 8" Mono Searchcoil

The smallest coil for Garrett ATX metal detectors makes this coil perfect for dense scrub and tight areas.

Garrett ATX 11"x13" Mono Closed Searchcoil

This closed coil for Garrett ATX detectors is designed to be more impact resistant and is well balanced. Its solid top surface is perfect for sifting dirt to find small nuggets.

Garrett ATX 11"x13" Double D Closed Searchcoil

A closed option for a DD coil, this option for the Garrett ATX is an excellent closed coil choice for highly mineralized areas. The closed design offers improved gliding over brush and rocks.

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