Ultimate Gray Ghost Headphone Product Review

By Michael Bernzweig

The Ultimate Gray Ghost metal detecting headphones are essentially the famous Gray Ghost headphones times 10! DetectorPro listened to their customers and added the features they asked for most to the original model to come up with this new pair of Ultimate Gray Ghost headphones. Some of the new tweaks they’ve made to the Original Gray Ghost metal detecting headphones include:

  • Durable push-buttons in shielded locations by the main strain relief instead of the original switch.
  • Custom speaker elements and a tuned cavity design means greater sensitivity to tiny targets and added power at full volume.
  • A special limiter circuit for managing volume changes smoothly.

You’ll also enjoy heavy duty muff to muff connections, as well as a coiled cord with a three conductor, 1/4", 90 degree angle stereo connector. The cord also features industrial grade Nylon 6/6 pigtail strain relief designed with a neck-hugging angle to allow the cord to fall closer to your body. This greatly decreases the stress on the cable and helps reduce branch snags even when you’re metal detecting in the most rugged terrain.

Detectorists have been responding very positively to these new Ultimate Gray Ghost headphones. Here are a few of the customer comments we’ve received here at MetalDetector.com.

Rob R. writes - “...I was a devoted Gray Ghost headphones user and didn’t think they could get better - but they have!”

Xavier L. shares - “Thanks for recommending the Ultimate Gray Ghost headphones, they’ve enhanced my metal detecting more than I thought headphones could...”

Robyn P. emailed - “I purchased the Ultimate Gray Ghost headphones for my husband, he is more than thrilled.”

These headphones are an excellent accessory for any metal detectorist and they’re sure to improve your metal detecting more than most other headphones on the market. For more information on how you can hear the “ghost signals” other brands miss and then some with the Ultimate Gray Ghost headphones, visit our product page. Here you can view the full specifications, a complete product overview, and more to help you get the metal detecting headphones that will be best for your treasure hunting.

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