Original Gray Ghost Product Review

By Daniel Bernzweig

To provide you with some of the best sound around, DetectorPro has designed a special muff that blocks environmental noise up to 24 decibels. In addition, the speakers themselves are constructed for the best signal quality possible. The Gray Ghost speakers provide maximum sensitivity so you hear everything your metal detector hits on.

These metal detecting headphones don’t just give the best sound though, they also feature a padded headband and soft, snug muffs making them comfortable to wear too. Plus, with their heavy duty connection cables and 90 degree angle stereo connector, the Original Gray Ghost headphones are made to be rugged so they can withstand any type of metal detecting terrain you encounter. This means less down time for you and a longer lifespan for your headphones.

When you choose the Original Gray Ghost metal detecting headphones you’ll also enjoy unique features like a special built-in signal limiting circuitry to protect your hearing from high volume hits, a single rotary volume control with "stay put" segmented "click" positioning so your volume doesn’t unexpectedly change on you, and a selector switch for compatibility with all single-output metal detectors - no adapter required!

Over the years, a number of our customers have chosen to use the Original Gray Ghost metal detecting headphones. Here are just a few of the reviews we’ve received from them to help you see how these headphones actually perform out in the field.

Benny T. writes - “Never used a better set of headphones... Gray Ghost headphones are it for me.”

Steve S. shares - “The Original Gray Ghost headphones have improved my metal detecting unlike any other headphones I’ve used.

Sharon L. emailed - “Not only are they comfortable to wear, but I can use the Gray Ghost headphones with both of my metal detectors.”

You can learn more about the Original Gray Ghost headphones by visiting our product page. Here you’ll find an informational video, full specifications and more to help you get to know these headphones to be sure they’re the best option for your metal detecting.