Jolly Rogers Ultimates Metal Detecting Headphones Product Review

By Michael Bernzweig

The Jolly Rogers Ultimates are a new spin on an already fantastic product. With this new model of Jolly Rogers metal detecting headphones, DetectorPro has added dual rotary volume controls so you can adjust the volume in each ear independently; perfect for those with hearing differences. The volume control also features DetectorPro’s “stay-put” positioning. This way no matter how rugged the conditions, your headphones’ volume won’t change unless you change it.

When you use the Jolly Rogers Ultimates metal detecting headphones you’ll also enjoy DetectorPro’s already famous limiter switch. This limiter switch smoothly reduces the volume of excessively loud signals instantly to protect your hearing and make metal detecting with headphones much more pleasurable. If you’re not interested in using this feature you can turn it off with a simple flip of the toggle switch.

In addition to these features that are unique to the Jolly Rogers Ultimates, this set of metal detecting headphones also includes DetectorPro’s high quality speakers that are designed for maximum sensitivity and sound quality. These speakers coupled with the special sound blocking muff design that blocks environmental ambient noise up to 20 decibels allows you to hear all the targets your metal detector hits no matter how small.

You’ll find the Jolly Rogers Ultimates to be not only highly functional, but incredibly comfortable to wear too. The padded muffs and headband will make you forget you’re even wearing headphones. Plus, there are no metal parts exposed anywhere; which means no rust and a longer lifespan for your headphones.

With a feature set like this, a lot of detectorists will like the Jolly rogers Ultimates. To make it easy for nearly anyone to use these headphones DetectorPro included a metal detector compatibility selector switch. This switch enables you to make the headphones compatible with almost any type of single output metal detector withOUT an adapter!

Some of the users who purchased their Jolly Rogers Ultimates from have responded with their customer reviews. Here are a few excerpts from those reviews to give you a better picture of how these metal detecting headphones perform out in the field.

Richard M. “.....And now, after using all those different metal detecting headphones, the Jolly Rogers Ultimates are the only ones I take with me.”

Alan H. “It’s been fun using these headphones with my 4 different metal detectors all with just a flip of a switch...”

Sierra L. “I can’t say enough what a difference that limiter switch makes!...”

If you’re thinking the Jolly Rogers Ultimates may be the ultimate choice of metal detecting headphones for you too, visit our product page. Here you can learn more about these specialized headphones by watching an informational video, reviewing the full product specifications sheet, and more. Then, you can be sure to get the best DetectorPro headphones to take your metal detecting to the next level.

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