Gray Ghost Underwater Headphone Review

By Michael Bernzweig

For those detectorists who enjoy underwater metal detecting, the Gray Ghost Underwater by DetectorPro are the top choice for metal detecting headphones. Do you need to replace the stock headphone from your underwater detector? You can easily replace a broken or uncomfortable stock headphone with the Gray Ghost Underwater headphone. The Gray Ghost Underwater headphones aren’t just for underwater use though. They’re also perfect for treasure hunting in wet conditions and on dry land as well for a level of versatility many other metal detecting headphones can’t offer.

Whatever type of conditions you’re working in the Gray Ghost Underwater’s sound clarity never falters. That’s because these headphones feature solid state speakers that are designed for maximum sensitivity, efficiency, durability, and signal quality regardless of water depth or whether you’re metal detecting in wet or dry conditions. The Gray Ghost Underwater’s special sound-blocking muff design further enhances signal clarity by eliminating environmental ambient noise up to 24 decibels.

Also of note, the Gray Ghost Underwater headphones are sold without a connector. This way you can choose your own or, hardwire the headphones into your equipment. Plus, DetectorPro included a user-selectable impedance for compatibility with all water detectors when you use an Ikelite™ brand connector.

In addition to these features Gray Ghost Underwater users also enjoy the heavy duty, cushioned muffs with full ear surround, as well as an adjustable, padded headband for total comfort no matter how long you’re out metal detecting. The headband has no metal screws or wire frame either so there will never be an issue with rust. For more real world input on these headphones, let’s take a look at a few of the customer reviews we’ve received from Gray Ghost Underwater users.

Mario P. writes - “I dive almost every day. The Gray Ghost Underwater headphones are the best I’ve used. I love them on my Tesoro Tiger Shark”

Greta L. emailed - “Underwater metal detecting has never been better since I got the Gray Ghost Underwater headphones for my Minelab Excalibur.”

Louis M. emailed - “...I hear more with these headphones than any I’ve worn before on land or underwater. Great upgrade!”

The unparallelled versatility and functionality of the Gray Ghost Underwater metal detecting headphones may be just what you need for your underwater treasure hunting too. To learn more visit our product page. You’ll be able to review the full product specifications sheet, watch an informational video, and more. Then you can select the perfect Gray Ghost metal detecting headphones to meet all your treasure hunting needs.

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