DetectorPro Gray Ghost Headphone for XP DEUS

By Daniel Bernzweig

DetectorPro’s Gray Ghost headphones for XP DEUS takes Gray Ghost technology wireless. You’ll enjoy the same high quality sound Gray Ghost is known for, and, at the same time, the convenience of treasure hunting with the XP DEUS WS4 wireless technology.

Gray Ghost headphones have become famous for helping metal detectorists hear those “ghost signals” other headphones miss; and the Gray Ghost headphone for XP DEUS is no different. With this cutting edge technology you’ll hear everything the DEUS picks up clearly giving you a distinct advantage and helping you find all the treasures other detectorists have unknowingly left behind.

You can also go anywhere with these wireless headphones. Rugged and durable construction coupled with the increased ease of hunting without cables or wires makes the Gray Ghost headphone for XP DEUS ideal for those who go metal detecting wherever the treasure takes them.

Another feature of these unique metal detecting headphones many detectorists have commented on is the option to hunt with the backphone headphone headband from XP DEUS or the Grey Ghost headphones easily with just a quick change of the WS4 ear cup. This means you can use both of these methods while out metal detecting almost interchangeably. Some of the other comments we’ve been hearing from those who’ve used DetectorPro’s Gray Ghost headphone for XP DEUS include:

Rodger writes - “I’ve been a fan of DetectorPro headphones for several years now and am so happy to be able to use their headphones with my XP DEUS.”

Frank comments - “These Gray Ghost headphones are the only ones I’ll use with my XP DEUS - Period.”

Brian shares - “I like the flexibility of being able to use the Gray Ghost or the backphone headphone. These headphones are comfortable to wear and the sound is crystal clear!”

If you agree and think a pair of these wireless Gray Ghost headphones may be just the metal detecting accessory to use with your XP DEUS, visit our product page. You’ll be able to see the complete product specifications, read a product overview and more so you can be sure the Gray Ghost headphone for XP DEUS will be the best for your treasure hunting adventures.