Black Widow Product Review

By Michael Bernzweig

Are you a metal detectorist with special hearing requirements? Do you hear better in one ear than the other? Do you frequently treasure hunt in areas where there’s a great deal of ambient noise? If so, then the Black Widow metal detecting headphones from DetectorPro are for you.

In many cases those with hearing impairments or who are working in loud environments can’t get their metal detecting headphones loud enough; the opposite is true with The Black Widow. Designed with volume output that’s significantly higher than standard metal detecting headphones, you’ll actually need to be careful when adjusting The Black Widow headphones so the sound isn’t too loud.

These metal detecting headphones are also equipped with dual volume controls so you can adjust each ear to the right volume for it’s unique hearing capabilities. The volume controls also offer “stay put” segmented “click” positioning so your volume stays where you put it even when your treasure hunting takes you into rough conditions.

To block out the ambient noises around you while you’re treasure hunting and further enhance the sounds your metal detector is producing, the Black Widow headphones are equipped with large, extended muffs. This unique design blocks ambient noise up to 29 decibels. The larger muffs on the Black Widow coupled with the padded headband make these metal detecting headphones more comfortable to wear as well.

In addition to the two separate volume controls, The Black Widow contains a dual mini toggle switching system. This provides one control switch to select metal detector compatibility (The Black Widow headphones are compatible with all single-output metal detectors) no adapter required. The other control switch is for signal limitation so you can easily reduce the volume whenever you need to.

These easy to use controls and comfortable muffs, are coupled with a rugged 1/4", 90 degree angle stereo connector. This way, no matter what type of conditions you’re treasure hunting in, The Black Widow metal detecting headphones can handle them successfully. Sounds amazing right? Let’s hear from a few users to see what they think.

Elmer M. - “I didn’t think I could go metal detecting anymore once my hearing declined, but with The Black Widow headphones I can!”

Rhoda Q. - “I bought The Black Widow headphones for my husband who is having hearing issues in his one ear and he’s finally out metal detecting again.”

Hearing every sound your metal detector produces has never been easier. The Black Widow metal detecting headphones from DetectorPro are ready to help you hear all the treasures your machine finds even in the loudest environments regardless of your personal hearing limitations.

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