Garrett PD 6500i Installation

Walk Through Metal Detectors are commonly found at airports, train stations, upscale hotels, and other locations. These convenient units can search the entire body for metallic objects in a single pass.

The Garrett pd 6500i walk through detector has been certified by the Transportation Security Administration to meet the TSA's enhanced detection criteria for walk-through metal detectors in its Enhanced Metal Detector (EMD) specifications. It is approved for use in the most challenging settings, including airports, homeless shelters, hospitals, performing arts venues, concert halls, jails and courts.

This metal detector consists of two vertical side panels and a bolt-on head panel. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, making it an ideal choice for static locations or short-term events such as pop concerts or sporting events. It plugs into any standard electrical outlet and requires no special wiring. A device like this can be used when a large group of people must be scanned quickly and easily. Let's move on to the installation of the Garrett PD 6500i.

How To Assemble a Garrett PD 6500i Step By Step

Assembly of the detector is straightforward and does not need any special equipment. Simply follow the instructions included in in the included instruction manual for easy setup. Always refer to the manual for the latest updates and procedures. We have included an over of the assembly for the Garrett PD 6500i.

  1. Select the location. The location should be protected from the elements. Stay away from large metal objects. Avoid placing it near high-powered electrical apparatus. It should be located away from elevators, escalators, and revolving doors.
  2. Lay the two side panels parallel to one another. Ensure that the connections are facing one another at the same end of the panels.
  3. Remove the control panel packing box and lay it on the packing foam for use during assembly.
  4. Keep the keys in a safe place for later use. The brass colored keys are used to unlock the door of the detection unit. Authorized personnel use the silver key to enable or disable the touch pads.
  5. Make sure the connectors on the side panels are adjacent to the D Connectors on the detection head unit.
  6. Use the 4 screws and finishing washers to connect the two side panels to the detection unit. Two screws and washers are needed per panel. Be sure not to completely tighten the sides at this point. During this step, they should be hand threaded into all four holes.
  7. Determine which side of the detector you will be connecting the power to. Attach the short power jumper cord to this side of the control head. Then attach the two D-connectors to the panels. Listenfor a click to ensure they are properly connected. Never try to force a connection. There is only one proper alignment of the connectors.
  8. With the remaining screws and washers, attach the overhead cross piece to the side panels. Now tighten all 8 screws securely.
  9. Before standing the unit upright, pull the power cable through the side you've chosen. You can then connect it to the power cord that will be plugged into the wall outlet. At least two people should assist in standing the unit up. Place the unit in a stable location. Be sure the floor is even and the sides are securely fastened.
  10. Plug the power cable in, and it will automatically adjust to 110 or 220 volt power at 50 or 60 Hz.
  11.  Power on the device. The ready light should be lit, all alarm lights should be off, and the walk symbol on the entry side of the detector should be lit. The unit will go through the self test and display the words "operate".

Congratulations, your unit is now assembled, setup and ready for use.

The Garrett PD6500i Walk Through Metal Detector uses a digital signal processor (DSP) to offer better target detection coverage of the left, center, and right sides of the body from head to toe.

The system features a unique 33-zone pinpoint detection system to ensure the highest level of safety, throughput, and reliability. There are pre-set programs for the most comprehensive range of security applications. Its multi-dimensional coil design detects firearms, knives, and other flat and rod-shaped weapons regardless of where the archway is located.

The zone adjustment feature ensures maximum detection in any situation. It features pacing lights at eye level and international wait and continue symbols on each panel's entry side. Simple operation via a back-lit LCD display and LED bar graphs for continuous online status and self-diagnostic reporting.