What is the Best Metal Detector? Find Out Now - Our Top Picks!

THIS is the question we get asked most frequently—and for good reason. Our most popular metal detector isn’t necessarily the best detector for YOU. It depends on many factors.
Here are some questions to answer before you decide on your best metal detector:

What type of detecting will you be doing? Are you hunting for coins at the park and beach? And is it a saltwater beach on the ocean or freshwater lakefront?

Are you searching for old relics? And what about gold? Most hobbyists want to try out prospecting at some point and there are special frequencies and search coils for that. There are also lots of divers out there who can take it to the next level by treasure hunting underwater.

Each of these detecting niches have detectors to match. And many mid-level and higher-end detectors can do it all!

Beginners reach out daily to ask for a high-quality, yet affordable model. It’s a smart question because you don’t want the cheapest detector you can find on the internet. Let’s start there.

Best Beginner’s Metal Detectors

While it’s important that a beginner’s metal detector is affordable, it should also be easy-to-use and lightweight. Most importantly, your first detector should have some professional features so you’ll achieve success pretty quickly. We don’t want you to lose your enthusiasm! Our top picks for entry-level detectors have features such as target ID numbers that correspond with specific targets as well a display showing whether you have found a dime, quarter, iron, gold target, etc. A depth indicator tells you how far to dig and pinpoint mode gives you a very good idea of exactly where to dig.

Here are a few of our Top Picks for Beginner’s Metal Detectors:

1. Garrett Ace 300
  • The Garrett Ace 300 is excellent for beginners with advanced digital target ID for quick and accurate target identification.
  • Easily find coins, jewelry, and relics
  • Digital Target ID: 0-99 scale
  • New 7" x 10" PROformance search coil- better coverage
  • 5 search modes + pinpoint
  • Enhanced iron resolution
2. Bounty Hunter Platinum
  • Discover the oldest and deepest coins, rings, jewelry and relics with the Bounty Hunter Platinum. Bounty Hunter’s top-of-the-line detector.
  • Easy to use; turn on and go!
  • Jumbo LCD display screen
  • Both audio and visual target ID
  • 4 Custom Modes: Discriminate, Pinpoint, Ground Grab, All Metals
  • Lightweight and deep-seeking
3. Fisher F22
  • The Fisher F22 is ideal for beginners. Adjustable sensitivity and volume make this a top pick on many “best detector” lists.
  • Weatherproof—which means you can use it in inclement (rainy) weather
  • Ultra lightweight at 2.3 lbs. and easy to use
  • Accurate Target ID: 1-99 scale
  • 9-segment Visual Target ID on LCD display
  • 4 Search Modes: Jewelry, Coin, Artifact and Custom

Best Mid-Range Metal Detectors

Mid-range metal detectors are a step up from entry-level units. They offer more advanced features for the hobbyist who is familiar with detecting and wants more. Mid-range models are professional metal detectors without the higher price tag. If you’re interested in customizing your settings more and making your detector more efficient, look at mid-range models. They usually range from $500-$800 and some are waterproof/submersible. The features you’ll see here include more manual/adjustable iron audio, ground balance and sensitivity.

Here are a few of our Top Picks for Mid-Range (Intermediate) Metal Detectors:

1. Fisher F75
  • Known as one of the BEST mid-range detectors on the market, the Fisher F75 is designed for coin, relic and jewelry hunting in many environments.
  • Automatic and manual ground balance- can ignore ground minerals
  • Advanced discrimination settings, including notch discrimination
  • Accurate numerical Target ID and Target ID categories on a large LCD display
  • Digital Shielding Technology- for EMI Suppression and Improved Target Separation
  • 13 kHz Operation Frequency- better small object sensitivity
2.Makro Kruzer or Multi Kruzer
  • Both the Kruzer and Multi Kruzer are waterproof or submersible to 16 feet. Perfect for land or water! The Multi Kruzer has 3 different frequencies.
  • Makro Kruzer frequency is 14 kHz- great for relics, coins and jewelry
  • Multi Kruzer frequencies are: 5kHz, 14 kHz and 19 kHz. 5 kHz low frequency for relics and greater depth, 14 kHz is all purpose and 19 kHz for small objects like gold nuggets.
  • 6 Search Modes
  • Advanced Beach Searching Mode (for salt water)
  • Included 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones
  • 11 " x 7" DD search coil
3. Garrett AT Max
  • The Garrett AT Max delivers powerful, wireless all-terrain performance. Built for the professional treasure hunter.
  • Built-in wireless technology. Transmits audio to Z-Lynk wireless headphones and also synchs to Garrett AT waterproof Z-Lynk wireless pinpointer
  • Waterproof (submersible) to 10 feet
  • True All-Metal Mode- provides greatest possible detection depth and sensitivity
  • Ground Balance: Auto/Manual High Resolution, 175 points
  • AT Max can handle saltwater beaches and highly mineralized ground
  • Digital Target ID: 0-99 Scale