Metal Detecting Accessories & Necessities

By Daniel Bernzweig

So, you have your metal detector, you’ve tested it out and know how all of the functions work. Next, you should put together a list of potential treasure hunting sites in your area. The final preparation before you set out to uncover treasure is to ensure that you have all of the related equipment on hand. Treasure hunters want to safely and efficiently recover coins, jewelry, relics and other valuables. Metal detecting accessories are also referred to as your “bag of tricks.” It would be a shame to be in the middle of a detecting road trip without the equipment you need for the type of terrain, ground conditions, weather conditions and retrieval methods you’re dealing with. Let’s consider the tools and accessories detectorists consider to be prerequisites for treasure hunting.

Search Coils and Coil Covers:

Metal detectors come with a standard search coil, usually between 7" and 9" in diameter. It makes sense that this size search coil is standard because this is usually the best size for finding coins as well as general purpose metal detecting. Standard search coils are typically lightweight, have a decent scanning width and are sensitive to a wide range of targets. If you are working a particularly trash-filled area, a smaller search coil may be better because it can separate responses from two closely positioned targets. 3-5" diameter search coils can be purchased online; they feature a narrow pattern which allows for precise target isolation. Oversized search coils will penetrate deeper into the ground, so if you’re concerned about great depth—you may want a larger search coil. Cache hunters and hobbyists searching for deeply buried relics tend to opt for 12" search coils or larger. On the topic of search coils, a search coil cover will prevent scratches, scuffs and damage to your coil when it is in use. It’s important to protect your metal detecting equipment, since it’s an investment. Covers are inexpensive and will keep your search coil in mint condition.

Shop Search Coil Covers for your detector
Shop Search Coils for your detector


Frequently, a metal detector is equipped with a pinpoint function so the user can push a button and zero in on his or her target. However, the built-in pinpoint feature is not as fast and precise as a separate handheld pinpointer. The experts agree that after you’ve worked with a handheld pinpointer, you’ll notice how much faster it’s possible to retrieve a coin, relic or other treasure. In-line probes are also available, which are model-specific and are designed by each respective manufacturer. The benefit of in-line probes is that you can retain the depth and target ID readings on your detector when pinpointing an object with a smaller probe. The Garrett Pro-Pointer is the top-selling metal detector pinpointer probe on the market. Check out other pinpointers, as well.

Top-Selling Pinpointers:


Almost all metal detector hobbyists will tell you headphones are a must. Headphones allow you to hear faint signals, cut down on noise when other people are around and help preserve your batteries. The noises of ocean or lake waves and crowds of people make headphones a necessity for beach hunting. Most people can hear weaker sounds and detect deeper when headphones are used. Metal detecting headphones come in various sizes, with the most popular being the over-ear stereo type. Click here to check out our top-selling metal detector headphones.

Rain Covers & Harnesses

Rain covers are available for many metal detectors. Detectors can be damaged if water gets into the electronics, so it’s smart to have a cover on hand. Shoulder or hip harnesses will help bear the weight of your metal detector. These strap-on harnesses relieve the weight from your arm and transfer it to your body frame. When you’re only hunting for a short time, the detector weight probably won’t bother you. But, if you’re in the field for a day trip or several hours- you’ll want to avoid muscle strains. Check out our selection of carry cases and covers.

Digging Tools & Trowels

Digging tools are among the most important items in a detectorist’s bag of tricks. They vary in size and length as they as designed for different ground conditions. You can find narrow probes, like an ice pick, that are proficient at isolating coins. For other locations, a hand-held spade or scoop will be your best bet. For deeper objects, a larger digging tool is required. A trowel designed specifically for the purpose of metal detecting is definitely a good investment. Brands like Lesche are known for their high-quality trowels and shovels—they feature marks to show how deep you’re digging and a serrated edge for cutting through roots, underbrush and difficult terrain.

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Tool Belt, Apron & other Extras

Depending on the terrain you’re hunting, weather elements and how long your hunt, additional accessories come in handy. A rain poncho will be your best friend when rain clouds roll in and treasure hunting gloves will help if you’re digging in rough or rocky ground. A Finds and Tool Pouch is ideal for sorting your finds in the field. You can put coins in one pocket, trash in another and probes in the third. Be sure to read our article “Digging and Target Retrieval” for details on safely recovering your metal detecting finds. carries a huge assortment of detecting accessories, perhaps the largest available online. In addition, we’re stocking new items every day. If you’re interested in pursuing a specialized area of treasure hunting, such as gold prospecting, you’ll find books dedicated to this subject. Check out our section featuring metal detecting books or click on “Browse Shop” in the upper navigation and scroll to “Shop Accessories” to find everything you’re shopping for.

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