How to Make Money Metal Detecting

By Daniel Bernzweig

In addition to being a popular hobby all over the world, metal detecting can also be a great way to keep fit and can also potentially be a way to earn an additional source of income. There are so many reasons people love metal detecting, and one of them is hanging out with new and cool people and finding cool stuff. There will be plenty of time outside, you will gain new knowledge, and it is a great way to get regular exercise as well.

It has to be known to make money metal detecting. It is essential to follow some ethical rules, such as fully understanding the rules and regulations of the state you are treasure hunting and following the federal, state, or local laws.

Categories of Metal Detecting

These are the different categories of metal detecting by which you can earn some extra money

  • Gold hunting
  • Cache hunting
  • Jewelry hunting
  • Coin hunting
  • Relic hunting


The thrill of finding gold is pretty thrilling, and this could be a very profitable activity, but it is not easy to find these shiny nuggets buried deep in the earth. Starting out with the best metal detector for gold is a great way to increase your chances of finding gold. It should be noted that not all metal detectors are capable or designed to find gold. Searching for gold nuggets takes time, patience, research, and the right equipment. Whenever you are searching for gold, it is very important to research the area where you will be hunting and the states that surround it.

Gold prospecting has existed for eons of years, and you can choose to start searching in areas where gold or gold nuggets have been discovered in the past. It is essential that you use a metal detector that has excellent sensitivity and ground balancing features to find gold. There are several unique gold detectors to choose from depending on your budget and their features (the most popular gold detectors are Garrett AT Gold, the Fisher Gold Bug). To make money in gold hunting, it is advisable to research locations that will conduct your gold hunt.


In the past, people hid their valuables because it was essential before banks were trusted in the United States and other parts of the world. Choosing the best metal detector for deep treasures opens up your chances of locating valuable treasures. At first, there were no banks, and it only made sense to bury their valuables, and that way, they left a cache of coins and treasures to be discovered and recovered by those who metal detect. The hobby of metal detection opened up a vast landscape of buried treasure for you as a treasure hunter to discover. Many a famous lost treasure has been found by metal detector enthusiasts and later displayed in the British Museum. When a lost item is buried it is lost to the world, yet when these items are discovered by archaeologists they are available for all to see and enjoy. Many famous hoard and related articles have been discovered beneath the search coil of a metal detector over the years. The most exciting thing about cache hunting is that you do not know what to expect before the precious items are unveiled; it could be a valuable coin, gold, or relics.

The challenge with cache hunting is that it is quite harder to find compared to the other categories of metal detecting. The existence of treasures is a known fact, but the exact location of the treasures is unknown. You might need to use more powerful metal detecting tools because most caches are hidden in the innermost part of the earth.

Find a great place to coin hunt for lost treasure by starting with

  • Lake and beaches
  • Parks and playgrounds


Coin hunting is the quickest way to earn money as a metal detectorist. Many people lose items like modern coins, and other precious metal objects which may include a gold coin or other valuable metal targets like an old coin or even a silver coin. Selecting from a guide best metal detector for coins will help you improve your odds of finding valuable coins in your searches. Finding a valuable metal object found while out in public parks, beaches, or backyards can be a great way to make the most of the hobby. From the Iron Age to the present, locating ancient coins with a metal detector helps place us in the landscape of time.

The types of cultures in which ancient coins were used throughout history make Europe one of the best places to find ancient coin caches. On the Channel Island of Jersey, two metal detector hobbyists uncovered more than 50,000 bronze coins dating back to 50 BC (the late Iron Age). Celtic coins were found in huge piles in a large block of soil after the men found about 60 silver coins and a gold coin a few months earlier. They would have been lost to future generations if these ancient coins had not been found.

It has been discovered that many ancient coins may have been hidden in treasure caches or hoards buried deep underground. When you find many coins, the greater will be your chances of making a lot of money since coins are money.


Finding jewelry is a quick way to make money for metal detecting. The value of the jewelry depends on how old it is; that is, the older the jewelry, the higher the value. Finding lost jewelry is relatively easy compared to the other forms of metal detecting. Getting your hands on the best metal detector for jewelry will help you improve your odds of finding it. You can discover gold or platinum rings and necklaces, silver bracelets, and diamond earrings. Antique pendants, medallions, and bracelets can also be recovered. Antique jewelry is often more valuable than recently lost jewelry because they are scarce and possibly ancient.

These are a few reasons to go metal detecting for jewelry

  • Jewelry can be found essentially anywhere (parks, beaches, playgrounds, concerts, etc.)
  • Most metal detectors are designed to detect gold, bronze, platinum, and silver.
  • You can build an impressive jewelry collection.
  • Less valuable jewelry can be quickly sold for scraps valuables.


There are many reasons detectorists enjoy hunting for war relics, and one of those reasons is to preserve history. It is essential to research places where wars were fought (previous campsites and battlegrounds) to maximize your efforts. The best metal detector for relic hunting is the one that will help you locate artifacts from the Civil War, Revolutionary War, and other battles with ease.

It is essential to search for where soldiers camped, trails they followed, and pay attention to these areas. The most common form of relic hunting is Civil War relic hunting, where detectorists search for Civil war relics such as rifle and pistol bullets, knapsack hoods, belt plates, and buckles.

The most important features to look out for when selecting a relic hunting detector are the ground balance, eliminating junk targets, and the operating frequency.


Sell and offer your services

To get started, you will want to choose the best metal detector for each type of detecting service that you will offer. Popular coin models like the Garrett Ace series from Garrett Metal Detectors are good basic models. From gold nugget models for gold prospecting to non ferrous metal detector models for locating buried pipes and sewers, there is a wide range of equipment available. Magnetic locators for example will use the magnetic field of the earth to distinguish ferrous from nonferrous targets.

Those who are interested in making money by metal detecting should take advantage of this opportunity. Among the services you can provide are:

  • Helping others find lost items such as jewelry (watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets). It is pretty affordable to hire a metal detectorist compared to a metal detecting company.
  • Applying for jobs in research institutes and museums, a few of these institutes require the services of metal detectorists to find or locate valuable minerals or vintage materials.
  • Selling your detecting services to neighbors and friends or even the police unit. Neighbors and friends might need you to find missing household materials, and the police might also need you to hide evidence in walls or ground.

Sell your finds and discoveries

One of the steps to making money for metal detecting is selling them to museums or online auction sites. You can also auction your finds via hunting companies or create your online store. There could also be dealers located in your local neighborhood. You can also send your finds (especially relics from the Civil war or battlefields) to museums as long as it is legit and historically accurate.

Work with reputable companies

Several hunting companies need experienced treasure hunters. This is a fun way to travel worldwide while working (hunting for valuables). This is a way to gain experience, make money and have fun

Some of these reputable companies are

  • Odyessy Marine
  • Mel Fisher
  • Ship Wrecks
  • The Ring Finders

Write blogs or record vlogs

You can share your experiences and educate other metal detectorists through blogging or vlogs (especially for those not comfortable with writing). You can upload your blogs on various social media platforms, and this is interesting because the internet is a versatile place. You can also publish books on treasure hunting. You can make extra money through Google ads and affiliate marketing.

Create courses

Quite many people prefer having guides or roadmaps when they want to embark on their hunting journey. You can create a course to teach and educate other metal detectorists on navigating the ins and outs as a hobby or as a job. You can create a course on important metal detecting tips or secrets, the best types of metal detectors, or the best places to go mental hunting (especially on the different categories of metal detecting) and educate them on the do's and don't's of metal detecting.

Start your company

You can start your own treasure hunting company and employ several bounty hunters or treasure hunters. This will take a lot of your time and patience, and it will involve a lot of hard work to set up. You can also organize expeditions to discover hidden treasures.

Clean up after festivals and concerts

You can offer or volunteer to clean up after festivals and concerts but get permission for metal detecting. There might be a lot of lost jewelry and valuables, and a lot of people would pay a huge amount of money to recover their lost items.

Forensic work

You can partner with the police or forensic units by using metal detectors at crime scenes to locate bullets casings, guns, knives, or any metal murder weapons. In some cases, the hobby can overlap with those that offer their services as a Bounty Hunter. There is a growing need for crime scene investigation around the world. Your work can take you on adventures in some exciting and unique locations. The thrill of helping to solve an unsolved mystery is exceptional.

Become an underwater metal detectorist

This is a very good part of metal detecting, but it is often overlooked and quite underrated. Many beachgoers, surfers, and swimmers tend to lose valuable items. With permission from the appropriate agencies, you can detect and recover these lost items with the aid of waterproof underwater metal detectors. This method of metal detecting can be quite hard, but it is totally worth it since many people are not into this mode of metal detecting.

You should keep in mind that finding a good metal detector for metal detecting is going to make earning money relatively easy and profitable. In all of your metal detecting endeavors, you should make sure that you observe the laws pertaining to metal detecting in all of the states and countries you search.

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