Fisher TW-82, TW-82P, TW-8800 Industrial Digital Line Tracer Comparison

Fisher Research Labs has been developing tools for the underground utility industry for over 75 years. With a history of high quality and innovation in underground locating technology, Fisher is a trusted name for those whose work depends on accuracy and reliability. These state of the art digital line tracers are perfect for tracing conductive electrical lines, pipes and cables buried underground.

Comparing the Fisher TW-82, TW-82P, and TW-8800 Industrial Digital Line Tracers

From the easy to use TW-82, to the passive power TW-82P, and the multi-frequency TW-8800, Fisher’s Industrial Digital Line Tracers have the exact features you need to get the job done right. Designed for first-time users or seasoned professionals, these tracers are easy to use and have the advanced features needed no matter what the project.

All three models feature a full range of accessories. Choose from 3” and 5” Coupling clamps and a wide range of Sondes from 8.2175 kHz to 82.125 kHz.

Fisher Industrial TW-82 Digital Line Tracer

Designed specifically to trace conductive electrical lines, cables, and pipes, the TW82’s one-button operation and easy to read LCD display make easy work of tracing lines in the field. This unit features rugged construction and is IP65 compliant to stand up to water jets. Weighing in at just under 4 pounds, the TW-82 is light enough for all day use. A single set of batteries will provide days of use in the field.

Fisher Industrial TW-82P Digital Line Tracer with Passive Power

Fisher’s latest line tracer model adds the functionality of passive power mode. Passive power mode allows the unit to detect electrical current of underground lines and non-powered utility using the receiver without the need for a transmitter. Ultra-fast target response makes locating lines fast and accurate.

Fisher TW-8800 Industrial Line Tracer

Fisher’s Multi-Frequency Digital Line Tracer, the TW-8800 is designed to locate and trace cables, water mains, utilities, and telecommunication lines. Utilizing advanced digital signal processing for accurate locating, the unit can trace conductively or inductively and can be used on utilities that are either continuous or noncontinuous. The rugged, weather resistant design assures years of trouble free operation.

What the Fisher Industrial TW-82, TW-82P, and Digital Line Tracers Have in Common

  • IP65 Compliant (stands up to water jets)
  • Impact Resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Full-Time Continuous Readouts
  • Large Easy to Read LCD Display
  • Ultra-Fast Response
  • Accurate, Repeatable Readings
  • 2 Year Warranty

What is Unique to the Fisher Industrial TW-82 Digital Line Tracer

  • One Button Receiver Operation
  • Operating Frequency: 8.2kHz

What is Unique to the Fisher Industrial TW-82P Digital Line Tracer with Passive Power

  • Two Button Receiver Operation
  • Operating Frequency: 8.2kHz

What is Unique to the Fisher TW-8800 Industrial Line Tracer

  • Operating Frequency: Variable
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing for Accurate Locating
  • Automatic Gain Control for Maximum Sensitivity
  • Passive Location Modes (Power & Radio Frequency)
  • Multi Frequency operation

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