The Rattler Metal Detector Headphone Product Review


The Rattler Metal Detector Headphone Product Review

By Daniel Bernzweig

The Rattler headphone by DetectorPro is recommended for all professional gold prospectors as well as nugget hunters that frequently find themselves metal detecting in areas where safety can be easily compromised. What’s unique about The Rattler is that it’s just one headphone. This leaves the other ear free to stay alert for sounds, like the headphone’s namesake, that may present a safety hazard while out in the field.

To ensure you still hear all the signals your metal detector puts out, DetectorPro has equipped The Rattler with its famous Gray Ghost sound for maximum sensitivity and the best signal quality possible. This way you can hear even the smallest nuggets with just this one headphone. At the same time, DetectorPro’s special muff design helps to block out ambient noise so the ear wearing the headphone can hear the signals from your metal detector with even more focus and clarity.

The Rattler metal detecting headphone also includes a rotary volume control with “stay put, segmented click positioning” so that no matter how rough your treasure hunt gets, the volume won’t change unless you change it. There is also a separate selector switch so you can make the headphones compatible with any single output metal detector without needing an adapter.

To make this headphone even more flexible and prepared for rugged use in the field, The Rattler also comes with a heavy duty coil cable that features a special 1/4”, 90 degree angle stereo connector. And, not only that, it folds up for compact, easy transport when not in use.

And what do users have to say about The Rattler metal detecting headphone? Here are a few of the many letters and emails we’ve received about them to give you a better idea about how The Rattler performs in the field.

Ron B. writes - “For a Colorado nugget hunger like me, The Rattler headphone is great. One ear on the treasure, and one on everything else.”

Mickey shares - “I am surprised how comfortable The Rattler headphone is. DetectorPro did a nice job. Thank you for recommending them.”

Think The Rattler is the headphone for you? Visit our product page to see a video about The Rattler as well as review the headphone’s specs and more. You don’t have to compromise your safety when you’re metal detecting in remote areas in order to hear your machine’s signals. Use The Rattler instead and you can have both!

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