Our Team

Yes, we are Brothers!

In fact, the two of us have been metal detecting since we were kids. Over 30 years later, we are both still passionate about the hobby. We are proud to represent the second generation of our family business. We want you to know that each and every member of our team is here to help you select the best equipment for your needs. No matter which products you choose, we are confident that you will appreciate our way of doing business. We keep it simple!

We stock everything that you see on our website and are pleased to offer you a free shipping option. With our no haggle best price guarantee, you can breathe easy knowing you are getting the best value possible. Take a moment to meet our team. Everyone is here to serve you!

-Michael and Daniel Bernzweig

  • Carlos works with our customers globally. He manages our social media communications. He enjoys keeping up on the latest marketing and social media trends and technologies. He is an out of the box thinker. He is always looking for new ways to connect with our customers globally. He is also a world traveler, fluent in English and Spanish.

    Away from work, Carlos enjoys spending his free time with his wife, family and friends. He enjoys the unique cuisines of Italy and Honduras, his home country. His favorite phrase was coined by Walt Disney, "If you can dream it, you can do it!" He enjoys a variety of sports including Soccer and Ping Pong. One little known fact about Carlos is that he is passionate about taking care of his Bonsai collection.

    Carlos is passionate about helping our customers find the best equipment to locate treasures wherever they might be. Helping others find deeply buried gold makes him happy. His two favorite detectors are the XP Deus Wireless detector and the Garret GTI Pro 2500 Eagle eye.

  • Moe has been treasure hunting as long as anyone on the team. In fact, he was one of our first customers! A carpenter by trade, he enjoys sharing metal detecting tips and tricks with fellow hobbyists. As he will tell you, he likes to help customers pick out the best tool for the job. Moe is a certified diver and an accomplished treasure hunter. He finds helping others discover the world of underwater treasure hunting very fulfilling. The Excalibur II is one of his favorite underwater detectors. He purchased his original Excalibur from our company co-founder, Sondra Bernzweig, when the Excalibur was first introduced. Moe is an avid beach hunter as well. His other favorite detector is the Tesoro Tiger Shark. He calls this his "gold chain" finder. When Moe is not treasure hunting or diving, he has fun spending time with his grand kids.
  • We can thank Daniel for getting our family started in treasure hunting and eventually this business. He was 10 years old at the time when he convinced our parents to let him get his first metal detector. Daniel has traveled across the country and around the world pursuing the hobby. Daniel is a walking encyclopedia of metal detector knowledge. He is the go to person in the office when it comes to identifying obscure metal detector parts and models! Over the years, Daniel has been responsible for managing the creative development of our website. He is committed to keeping the team focused on delivering the best customer experience in the industry. You will often find Daniel soliciting customer feedback to enhance our procedures. Over the years, Daniel has kept the team focused on making the information that our customers need readily available on our website. Daniel’s latest project has been working with our team to create our new metal detector blog. What better way to spread the word about the latest products, promotions and industry news with our customers. He enjoys music and spent his teen years traveling the country while participating in Drum and Bugle Corps. Daniel would like you to know how proud he is that he taught his younger brother Michael everything he knows about metal detecting.
  • Michael has been passionate about business from the time anyone can remember. While he may tell you differently, as best we can figure, he wanted a metal detector because his big brother had one! Not to be left out, Michael joined in the family hobby at age 5. We cannot think of a better combination for Michael than being involved in the hobby and the family business. When he is not on the phone helping out customers, he spends his time working with our vendors and partners. He was a driving force behind the introduction of our no haggle best pricing guarantee. Michael will tell you that our goal is to deliver the best customer experience in the industry. To achieve this, we have brought together an experienced team, the best brands, and the most advanced logistics in the industry. Outside of the business he enjoys mentoring students, being involved in the community and spending time with his family. When asked, Michael readily admits that it is true that his older brother Daniel did teach him everything that he knew about metal detecting. He is also the first to point out that Daniel was only 10 years old at the time!
  • Heather works closely with our warehouse team to ensure that every customer’s order is shipped quickly. She has fun treasure hunting with the Garrett Ace 250. She is very competitive and will readily admit that her personal goal is to find more than Moe. In her spare time Heather enjoys pursuing the latest movies and spending time with her favorite cat.
  • Howard works closely with all of the departments here at MetalDetector.com to help keep our customers satisfied. Pictured here with the Garrett Ace 400, Howard is at home with technology at all levels. He is passionate about technology and that shines right through. Speak to him on the phone and you will experience his easy demeanor and commitment to you, our customer. He is an avid football fan and enjoys spending his free time with his beautiful wife and daughter.
  • James works closely with our product specialist team. He is pictured here with the White's MX-7 weatherproof metal detector. If you were to ask him about his passions, he would tell you that his first love is music. His favorite instrument is the Trombone. He is a classically trained musician who has performed all over New York City. In his free time he enjoys hiking and loves the outdoors. He has been camping all over the Northeastern United States.
  • We think our warehouse team is tops. The team works tirelessly to make sure that your order is processed quickly and delivered in great condition. Take a moment to view our company tour and you will see how they make it all come together.

The Rest of the Team

Behind the scenes there are other friendly team members that are here to assist you as well. From part time team members, to our seasonal staff and student interns, everyone is here to help out.