Nugget Busters Metal detecting headphones Product Review

By Michael Bernzweig

Nugget Busters metal detecting headphones were designed by DetectorPro so that metal detectorists can actually hear the signals being given off even by the smallest of gold fragments. Not only that, these headphones can go with you anywhere you go nugget hunting; even in the most rugged environments.

Made without any exposed metal parts as well as heavy duty muffs and cables, the Nugget Busters are prepared to withstand it all. Not only are they tough, these metal detecting headphones are comfortable to wear too. The padded muff cushions are made to fully surround the ear and are connected by a padded headband for hours of comfortable use.

The muffs are designed to block out noise as well - up to 24 decibels. This coupled with the superior speaker technology provide you with the maximum sound clarity and signal strength possible so you can hear all the “ghost signals” most other metal detecting headphones can’t pick up.

In addition to these features Nugget Busters users will also enjoy the stay put volume control with segmented positioning. DetectorPro created this unique feature to ensure that the volume stays where you set it no matter what type of terrain you’re navigating. In addition the Nugget Busters metal detecting headphones also feature a single selector switch for metal detector compatibility. As a result, no adapter is needed no matter what type of metal detector you’re using with these headphones.

Although this sounds like an amazing feature set, how do the Nugget Busters perform out in the field? Here are a few customer reviews from metal detectorists currently using these headphones.

Steven P. “....then I found the Nugget Busters. Now I’m finding gold in places I already hunted!”

Jarred L. “Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite metal detecting headphones are I always recommend Nugget Busters.”

Reggie E. “I never thought headphones made a difference in my metal detecting until I used these....”

You may end up feeling the same way about the Nugget Busters when you try them. To learn more visit our product page. Here you can view the full specifications and product manual, as well as an informational video, and more so you can decide if the Nugget Busters are the ideal metal detecting headphones for you like they are for so many others around the world!

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