Jolly Roger Headphones Review

By Daniel Bernzweig

The Jolly Roger metal detecting headphones from DetectorPro offer yet another quality option for metal detectorists everywhere looking to enjoy all the advantages of using headphones while metal detecting. To allow as many detectorists as possible to benefit from these specialized headphones, DetectorPro has made the Jolly Rogers simple to use with any single output metal detector. All you have to do is just set the compatibility switch and you’re ready to go, no adapter required.

Not only are these headphones easy to use, but their sound quality and sensitivity surpass any other metal detecting headphones in their class. With speakers like this plus the special sound blocking design of the muffs (they can block ambient noise up to 20 decibels) the Jolly Roger headphones are ready to help you hear every target your machine hits on, even the smallest of the small ones.

DetectorPro designed the Jolly Roger headphones to be comfortable to wear also so you can enjoy hours and hours of metal detecting even though you’re wearing headphones. From the full ear surround design of the muffs to the padded, stay put head band, these headphones are no problem to wear even on day long metal detecting trips.

Although these features sound like the total package, let’s take a moment and see how the Jolly Roger headphones actually perform for detectorists out in the field. Here are a few of the customer reviews we’ve received about these metal detecting headphones so you can get a better idea of their real world performance.

Rebecca R. “....Since then I’ve been using a pair of Jolly Rogers from DetectorPro and I couldn’t be happier.”

Rodger A. “The Jolly Roger headphones were everything DetectorPro says and then some.”

Higarda L. “...It’s so easy to use these headphones with my different metal detectors and the sound quality is perfect every time.”

If you’re thinking of adding a pair of Jolly Roger headphones to your metal detecting gear, visit our product page. Here you can watch an informational video about the headphones, review the full specifications sheet, look over the product manual, and much more. Then, you’ll be using your new metal detecting headphones in no time.

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