How To Select A Metal Detector


How To Select A Metal Detector

by Sondra Bernzweig

Have you wanted a metal detector for a long time?

What Are The Issues That You Should Consider As You Decide?

A metal detector should not be bought solely on the suggestion of one person (no matter how good a friend). If you are new to the hobby, you should realize that long time detector users can be very committed to the particular model and brand of detector that they have been using. They are generally unfamiliar with anything newer or different. Lots of new electronics and features have come along in recent years. So always make certain that you investigate a broad variety of equipment.

How Often Do You Think You Will Use Your New Detector?

Are you purchasing a detector to use occasionally at a lake or beach? Or do you now find yourself with more available time and can look forward spending considerable time with your new hobby? It is a fact that most of the detectors now in the marketplace are pretty good. It is also a fact as you spend more money, you will get more features to assist you in identifying the target items that you find.

Where Will You Use The Detector?

Are you at a coast, near gold prospecting country, or in an area that has many old relics and coins. You need to pay special attention to the choice of detector if you wish to have a "special purpose" detector. Some of the specialty detectors have more than one operation mode and can be used for different types of detecting. Most detectors will perform as promised by the Manufacturers. However, different brands of detectors will have various characteristics and features. Some detectors may require different swing speeds and some may weigh more than others. Yet another feature to consider (for ease of travelling and packing) is the number of sections that the detector will separate into.

Will More than One Person Use The Detector?

Will smaller children be using this detector? If this is to be a family detector then it is critical that you consider the size of the detector including how short the pole can be. Some detectors have more ways of adjusting the "fit" to the person. Some of the other ways that detectors adjust are that the arm cup can be raised or lowered, and the box containing the board and controls can be taken off of the pole and mounted in a small pouch. Many people say to us "I have always wanted to do this!"

How Much Have You Budgeted For The Total Purchase?

The good news is that prices have never been lower for such easy to use full featured automatic detectors. A good way to view the purchase is to decide how much money you are comfortable spending. It is our view that you measure this purchase against other purchases you have made. If you are the person who likes to buy top of the line, full featured products, a detector purchase is no different. Or perhaps your intention is to try the hobby without jumping way in. Be flexible, and think about a dollar spread such as $175.00 to $275.00 or $300.00 to $500.00. It is always very nice to purchase at least the second model up in the brand. You will get a few more bells and whistles and a lot more control over your detecting. Total purchase means that you will also need some accessory items such as trowels, scoops headphones and coil covers. So..wait no longer! Don't let someone else find what could be yours.

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