How to Find a Metal Detecting Club Near Me


How to Find a Metal Detecting Club Near Me


by Daniel Bernzweig

Why You Should Join a Metal Detecting Club

As many of us know, hobbies can no longer be viewed as just leisure activities to be done during free time. Hobbies are quickly becoming the thing we enjoy doing aside from work, the thing we make time for. "Where can I find a metal detecting club near me?" is a question we hear every day.

Thus, we see many people taking their hobbies as seriously as they would their jobs. Metal detecting, or "treasure hunting," as some would call it, is an exciting and fun activity. This hobby is different from others because it is enjoyable, encourages learning, and is suitable for everyone, young and old, making it a fun family activity.

However, many treasure hunters start the fascinating hobby alone, either unconsciously or purposefully. It is undeniable that metal detecting is satisfying enough to do alone, especially since you are more likely to keep others from "claiming your loot." However, joining a club and going on a treasure hunt with others has many benefits for both a beginning treasure hunter and an expert. If you want to know more about metal detecting clubs and why you should join a treasure hunters association, this article is for you.

Benefits of Joining a Metal Detecting Club

As a metal detectorist, you can be one of two types of people: the newbie or the expert. You may be looking to learn to metal detect or pick up the hobby after exploring an interest in it or searching for new thrills in the hobby. Either way, joining a metal detecting club, recovery club, or as it is sometimes referred to in some regions, a detecting society may prove beneficial for you. You can learn the hobby's ins and outs of the hobby, like the rules around metal detecting in your local area and if you can or can not hunt in a national park, national forest, or other areas near you.

What better way to derive pleasure from your hobby than to do it in the company of others who are just as interested in it as you are? You can think of it as a social club for treasure seekers in your area. Some clubs even focus on specific parts of the hobby, such as a relic club, clubs for gold prospectors, or relic hunters. A gold prospecting club, for example, may even have claims that are available to you as a club member to hunt on.

Where to Get Started when Joining a Metal Detecting Club

Likely, newbies do not know how to operate a metal detector or where they can start searching when they kick start their metal detecting adventure. Joining a club or historical society will allow you to harness as much information as possible, introducing you to integrated knowledge about how the hobby works. Most metal detecting clubs offer training and a metal detecting tip or two for their new entrants so that they can be brought up to speed with their fellow enthusiasts.

Furthermore, detectorists must understand the rules and regulations of this hobby, which may include where and how to hunt treasures. The clubs also do well to inform you about where and how you can continue your adventure. Also, because you are new, there is no doubt that you may need to learn from the experiences of experts in the hobby, who can guide you and inform you about your finds. Joining the club or historical recovery association means being part of a community of people who share similar interests with you, giving you the chance to socialize and interact with more people.

Why Should Veteran Detectorists Join a Club?

Experts may think that they cannot benefit from joining a club as the newbies do, but this cannot be further from the truth. Joining a treasure hunters club allows experts to meet other experts, who are likely to have very different experiences in their adventures. It is also a great forum to show your expertise to newbies and peers during various joint activities. The metal detecting clubs make sure that wherever and however you are hunting for treasures is legitimate, making you wonder less about the legality of your actions. New metal detectors and accessories are introduced from time to time, as well as other methods and locations. Learn about all of these items and more at your local treasure hunters society.

Find of the Month

Typically the highlight of most club meetings is a find of the month award. Members can display and vote on finds made by other members over the previous month. Some clubs also give a prize, recognition, or even a monetary reward for the best find of the month. Thus, it is possible to make money from doing what you love. Clubs also run activities that reward members that win.

Where Can You Metal Detect Near You?

We at Detector Electronics Corp. encourage responsible conduct and strict compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations and restrictions. A club is also a great place to learn a variety of metal detecting tips and the details of the metal detecting code of ethics.

Many clubs keep a log or register of where you can and can not metal detect in your local area. In addition, it is not uncommon for fellow members to share their best locations. It will take time to build trust and friendship with others, but in time it is a great place to begin. Though you can make money on your own and find some exciting spots by yourself, there are greater odds of finding more in a group, especially one kept up to date with information on where and what to look for.

Metal Detecting Clubs

Though you might have second thoughts about joining a metal detecting club, it is arguable that treasure hunting with other people's help and/or company is just as fun or even more fun than going at it alone. Metal detecting clubs offer many benefits to both beginners and experts in the hobby of treasure hunting, most of which outweigh the possible risk of getting swindled.

If you are outside of the USA, you may join a Scottish detector club or another European detecting association, or a Regional detecting society near you. In the United States, there is a large Texas Association of clubs.

If you happen to live in Florida or along the treasure coast, you will find many Florida metal detecting clubs to choose from. Below are some of the more popular groups around the country, which include:

  • Austin metal detecting club
  • Maryland artifact recovery society
  • Treasure Coast archeological society
  • Madison county coin club
  • South Alabama historical research

One famous metal detecting club is the Michigan Treasure Hunters. It is one of the largest treasure hunting clubs in the United States and has existed for over forty years, opening its doors to newbies and experts alike for "fun and friendship." A treasure club or recovery society offers various activities, including a monthly club meeting, giveaways, and private and club-sponsored treasure hunts at parks around the state. Most clubs will have a set meeting schedule, such as meetings on the 4th Tuesday or the last Friday of each month.

The club also encourages interaction amongst its members to share treasure hunting experiences and help new detecting enthusiasts. Various detecting activities include token hunts, fishbowl hunts, and spring warm-up hunts. They also have the "Find of the month/year," where the most exciting finds are recognized, and the finders are celebrated. Other notable metal detecting clubs in the US are the Coinshooters of San Diego, North Carolina Fossil Club, South Carolina Metal Detecting Club, and the Capital Mineral Club in New Hampshire. These clubs will give you information on ghost towns, mines, and settlements legal to "loot."

Metal detecting is not restricted to the United States, and the hobby is also encouraged across the world. The United Kingdom also has many enthusiasts and clubs to match. An example is the National Council of Metal Detecting. The UK government recognizes this detecting community and offers training, insurance, and even excavation funds for more significant finds. Other notable clubs in the UK include the Swansea Metal Detecting Club and Solent Metal Detecting Club.

Join a metal detector club near you today! Learn proper metal detecting techniques, make new friends and preserve the hobby for all to enjoy.

Finding Metal Detecting Club Near Me

A metal detecting club is not too hard to find! Whether you are a relic hunter, a gold prospector, coin hunter, ghost town prospector, or just a treasure hunting enthusiast looking to enjoy your leisure time, you will always find a club for you that is close by. We have made finding the right club easier, as you can visit our Metal Detector Clubs Finder Directory to access our directory for metal detecting clubs near you.

Metal Detecting Clubs in the United States by State

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arizona
  4. Arkansas
  5. California
  6. Colorado
  7. Connecticut
  8. Delaware
  9. Florida
  10. Georgia
  11. Hawaii
  12. Idaho
  13. Illinois
  14. Indiana
  15. Iowa
  16. Kansas
  17. Kentucky
  18. Louisiana
  19. Maine
  20. Maryland
  21. Massachusetts
  22. Michigan
  23. Minnesota
  24. Mississippi
  25. Missouri
  26. Montana
  27. Nebraska
  28. Nevada
  29. New Hampshire
  30. New Jersey
  31. New Mexico
  32. New York
  33. North Carolina
  34. North Dakota
  35. Ohio
  36. Oklahoma
  37. Oregon
  38. Pennsylvania
  39. Rhode Island
  40. South Carolina
  41. South Dakota
  42. Tennessee
  43. Texas
  44. Utah
  45. Vermont
  46. Virginia
  47. Washington
  48. West Virginia
  49. Wisconsin
  50. Wyoming

Metal Detecting Clubs in Canada by Province:

  1. Quebec
  2. Northwest Territories
  3. Ontario
  4. British Columbia
  5. Alberta
  6. Saskatchewan
  7. Manitoba
  8. Yukon
  9. Newfoundland and Labrador
  10. New Brunswick
  11. Nova Scotia
  12. Prince Edward Island

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