Gray Ghost Underwater for Minelab CTX Headphones Review

By Daniel Bernzweig

Designed for use with the Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector, the Gray Ghost Underwater headphones provide exceptional sound quality whether you're underwater or hunting on dry land. Just plug in the waterproof connection that comes with these headphones and you too are ready to enjoy the legendary Gray Ghost quality with your Minelab CTX metal detector.

To give these headphones their amazing sound quality, DetectorPro incorporated solid state speakers. Designed for maximum sensitivity, efficiency, and durability the signal quality from these speakers never changes whether you’re hunting in wet or dry conditions. If you’re wading or snorkeling, this custom speaker design also helps maintain your ability to hear all the “ghost signals” Gray Ghost headphones are known for regardless of where you find yourself.

The Gray Ghost Underwater for Minelab CTX also uses a unique muff design to help further enhance your ability to hear everything your metal detector hits on by blocking environmental ambient noise up to 24 decibels This muff design and the accompanying padded headband make these Gray Ghost metal detecting headphones comfortable to wear too.

Not only will you be pleased with the sound quality and comfort of the Gray Ghost Underwater for Minelab CTX headphones, but, you’re sure to be impressed with their durability as well. For one, there is no metal on the headphones; not even the screws or the wire frame of the headband. No metal means no rust! Also, the muff to muff connection cable is strong and rugged so no matter where your treasure hunting takes you you’re prepared.

To get a better picture of how these metal detecting headphones actually perform in the field, here are a few of the customer reviews we’ve received from Gray Ghost Underwater users.

Frank P. writes - “So glad I can now use Gray Ghost Underwater headphones with my Minelab CTX detector...”

Brian L. shares - ”.....Minelab and Gray Ghost - a match made in metal detecting heaven!”

Marlow K. emails - “, with these Gray Ghost Underwater for Minelab CTX headphones, my underwater metal detecting has never been better.”

If you’re thinking the Gray Ghost Underwater headphones might be the perfect match for your Minelab CTX, visit our product page. Here you can watch an informational video, review the full product specifications sheet and more. Then, you can be sure you’re getting the right headphones for your metal detector and take your treasure hunting to the next level.

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