Gray Ghost NDT Headphone Review


Gray Ghost NDT Headphone Review

By Michael Bernzweig

The Gray Ghost NDT (No Down Time) metal detecting headphones are the perfect choice for metal detectorists of all kinds; especially those that hunt in the forest or other type of rugged conditions. The NDT model of Gray Ghost headphones is based on the notion that no one wants to waste time with broken cords, or lost headphone connectors when out metal detecting. With this in mind, DetectorPro created the Gray Ghost NDT metal detecting headphones to include two very rugged, detachable cords each with a high-quality connector system. This way, you’ll be prepared no matter what your treasure hunt throws at you so there’s No Down Time, ever.

Not only that though, you’ll also get to enjoy all the amazing sound quality the entire line of Gray Ghost headphones is known for. From speakers that are designed for the maximum sensitivity, efficiency, durability, and signal quality possible to the ability to block ambient noise up to 24 decibels. The Gray Ghost headphones let you hear the ‘ghost signals” you’ve missed until now. Other features of the original Gray Ghost headphones metal detectorists will enjoy with the NDT model include:

  • Stay put segmented volume controls.
  • Comfortable, sound blocking muff.
  • Adjustable, padded headband.
  • Compact and foldable design for easy transport and storage.

As you might imagine, this combination of features has made the Gray Ghost NDT a popular choice among a wide variety of metal detectorists as both a primary and backup pair of metal detecting headphones. In fact, here are a few of the customer reviews we’ve received to show you what others are thinking about these headphones.

Frank L. writes - “As a surveyor and hobby metal detectorist I never know where my metal detecting will take me. These Gray Ghost NDT headphones help me stay prepared for anything.”

Renee T. shares - “...I usually hunt in the woods and can’t say enough how useful I find the Gray Ghost NDT metal detecting headphones.”

Jerome M. comments - “...The Gray Ghost NDT has a great feature set - perfect for all of us never-give-up treasure hunters!”

To learn more and help you decide if a pair of Gray Ghost NDT metal detecting headphones will make a good addition to your metal detecting gear, visit our product page. Here we have even more information about these headphones like their specifications, a product overview and more so you can clearly see how a pair of Gray Ghost NDT headphones will help you be sure you’re prepared wherever your treasure hunting takes you.

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