Gray Ghost DMC Headphone Review

By Daniel Bernzweig

The Gray Ghost DMC metal detecting headphones provide the legendary Gray Ghost sound DetectorPro is famous for to users of Nautilus DMC and Minelab CTX metal detectors. With separate volume controls for each channel you’ll be able to hear every signal your metal detector picks up clearly; and without having to make adjustments each time you switch to a different channel. The volume controls also feature Gray Ghost’s “stay put” design so once you select your sound level, that’s where the control stays until you change it again.

When you use The Gray Ghost DMC headphones you’ll also get to enjoy their special sound-blocking muff design that’s able to eliminate ambient noise up to 24 decibels. This coupled with the precision volume controls and Gray Ghost’s custom sound technology help metal detectorists hear all the “ghost signals” often missed by the human ear and other metal detecting headphones.

You’ll also enjoy the rugged design and heavy duty coil cable included with the Gray Ghost DMC headphones. These features make it easy to hunt even in the roughest conditions without compromising your headphones or having to deal with loose or damaged headphone cables that waste time and may even send you home from your metal detecting trip early.

To help you learn more about these unique metal detecting headphones, here are a few of the many customer comments we’ve received from Gray Ghost DMC users.

Miguel O. shares - “...Since buying the Minelab CTX I’ve been looking for a good pair of metal detecting headphones - When I tried the Gray Ghost DMC headphones I knew they were it.”

Sharon D. writes - “These Gray Ghost DMC headphones made the perfect birthday gift for my husband thanks for the recommendation!”

Lawrence W. emailed - “...When I got my Nautilus DMC I knew I’d get a new pair of Gray Ghost headphones to go with it - they just arrived and they’re as awesome as the originals.”

If you’ve got a Minelab CTX or Nautilus DMC and are in the market for some new metal detecting headphones the Gray Ghost DMC may be just the pair you’ve been looking for. To learn more about these unique metal detecting headphones, visit our product page. You’ll find helpful information including the product specifications, a full overview, and much more so you can see why so many metal detectorists the world over are thrilled with DetectorPro and their entire line of Gray Ghost metal detecting headphones; and why you will be too!

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