Gray Ghost Amphibian Headphone Product Review


Gray Ghost Amphibian Headphone Product Review

By Daniel Bernzweig

The Gray Ghost Amphibian metal detecting headphones were designed for all wet and underwater applications up to a depth of 30 feet. Not only that though, you can also use these headphones when you’re treasure hunting on land too. No more switching back and forth, the Gray Ghost Amphibians can do it all.

Created for use with the Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold, Sea Hunter Mark II, ATX and Infinium, the Gray Ghost Amphibian metal detecting headphones replace both the Garrett land headphones and after-market waterproof headphones. The Gray Ghost Amphibian provides superior comfort and sound quality.

You’ll also find a true, waterproof connection made exactly to Garrett specifications. This will ensure the connection from your metal detector to your headphones is tight and sealed so no matter where you go treasure hunting both your metal detector and your headphones will be protected and secure. You’ll also have improved functionality and sound quality with the proper IP68 rated connector. The coil cable itself is longer and stronger as well so it’s not being damaged or tangled no matter what type of terrain you go metal detecting in.

These features sound fantastic but, let’s see how they translate to real world experience. Here are a few comments from customers who have used the Gray Ghost Amphibian metal detecting headphones with their Garrett AT Pro, Garrett AT Gold, ATX or Garrett Infinium metal detector.

Reynaldo F. writes - “Living in Hawaii I go metal detecting on land and underwater almost equally. These Gray Ghost Amphibian headphones work perfectly for me wherever I go with my Garrett ATX.”

Georgia D. shares - “I just love my Garrett AT Gold metal detector, but the headphones were always a drag, until I got the Gray Ghost Amphibians that is!”

Phil W. says - “The Gray Ghost Amphibian headphones are the most comfortable and functional headphones I’ve owned. They go everywhere my Garrett AT Pro goes!”

To figure out if the Gray Ghost Amphibians are the headphones for you, visit our product page. You’ll be able to view an informational video, see the product specifications, and more so you can find the right headphones to take on your next metal detecting trip.

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