Garrett AT Pro Versus Garrett AT Gold Comparison

By Michael Bernzweig

Garrett metal detectors are all high quality machines. That said, let’s take a look at the Garrett AT Pro and the Garrett AT Gold metal detectors so we can compare and contrast the two and, hopefully, help you decide which of them would be the best metal detector for you.

What the AT Pro and AT Gold Metal Detectors Have in Common

To start we’ll review the similarities between these two metal detectors.

  • Both are highly rated metal detectors by hobbyists and pros alike.
  • Both are rugged, all terrain machines that can be used on land and in freshwater.
  • The AT Pro and the AT Gold metal detectors both offer digital target identification using a scale from 0-99 based on the metal’s conductivity.
  • You can use both metal detectors in up to 10 ft. of freshwater. Note - be sure to purchase waterproof headphones if you plan to submerge them in water with your metal detector. The headphones included with the AT Pro and AT Gold are for land use only.
  • Both machines offer auto and manual ground balance to reduce the detrimental effects of ground mineralization.
  • Garrett’s patented High Resolution Iron Discrimination and Iron Audio are included on both machines to allow you to audibly identify problematic flat iron objects like bottle caps and washers..
  • Both also offer a fast recovery time for a greater ability to pick out good targets amid trash and distinguish between multiple targets.

Watch Our AT Pro AT Gold Comparison Video

How the AT Pro Metal Detector is Different

Now, let’s review how the Garrett AT Pro differs from the AT Gold model.

  • The AT Pro can be used on land, in freshwater, and also in saltwater.
  • It features an adjustable notch discrimination so you can set which targets are acceptable and which aren’t.
  • You’ll find the AT Pro at a lower price point.
  • Comes standard with the 8.5” x 11” DD PROformance Double-D submersible search coil.
  • Target ID meter shows probable target indications for common items and coins such as Quarters, Dimes, Nickels and Pennies.

How the AT Gold Metal Detector is Different

And here are the features available only on the Garrett AT Gold metal detector.

  • The AT Gold includes an 18 kHz frequency for enhanced depth and detection of small gold nuggets, jewelry, coins, and relics.
  • This metal detector also features a true all-metal mode for the deepest detection depth and enhanced sensitivity on even the smallest gold nuggets.
  • You can manually adjust the audio threshold (constant background sound) to better hear targets on the AT Gold.
  • Comes standard with the 5” x 8” DD PROformance Double-D submersible search coil
  • Target ID meter shows metal ranges for Gold, Silver, Iron and Foil.

As you can see, the AT Pro and the AT Gold metal detectors are both top quality metal detectors. They do have some distinct differences though that may make one the best metal detector for you versus the other. To learn more about these machines, visit it’s product page. Here you can view an informational video, get a look at the full specifications sheet and more. Then you can be sure you’ll enjoy using your new metal detector for years to come whichever model you pick!

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