Fisher Metal Detector Comparison: F4, F5, and F70 Models


Fisher Metal Detector Comparison: F4, F5, and F70 Models


For those looking to take a step up from a beginner metal detector or want to purchase something that will hold up for years to come, Fisher Metal Detectors has some fantastic options. Founded by Dr. Gerhard Fisher in 1931, the company has 85 years of experience in the field and has remained one of the biggest names in metal detectors.

Comparing the Fisher F4, F5 and F70 Metal Detectors

Fisher F Series detectors are by far the best-selling models in the Fisher line-up! These models are quality-built, easy to operate, very well featured and moderately priced. Each features a simple interface that is perfect for both beginners and experienced users alike. Let’s take a look at the three most popular models in the line-up below.

Fisher F4:
The F4 is a great all-around metal detector, perfect when hunting for coins, relics, or on the beach. This affordable model comes with both visual and audio target identification and both auto and manual ground balance. It is an excellent option for someone just beginning their metal detecting hobby. You can simply turn it on and go, yet it has many of the more advanced features of higher-priced units.

Fisher F5:
The F5 combines both analog and digital technology to make it an impressively powerful and flexible detector for the price. It also features a high-resolution manual ground balance adjustment, not often found in this price range, allowing the user to precisely tune the detector based on the exact ground conditions – essential for beach and relic hunting. This detector has the features needed to find treasure others might miss.

Fisher F70:
This is one of the most well-rounded metal detectors on the market. The F70 is the one detector with powerful features excellent for searching for gold nuggets, coins, relics, and jewelry. The double filter discrimination mode helps sort between the objects you are looking for and the less desirable objects in the ground. The F70 also positions the batteries under the elbow to provide a counterweight for comfortable all-day hunting.

What the Fisher F4, F5, and F70 All Have in Common:

  • Numeric 1-99 Readout - For accurate readings to identify the type of target that has been located.
  • Deep Seeking Auto-Tune Mode - Excellent for deep searching in non-trashy areas.
  • One-Touch Notch Discrimination - Push-button static pinpoint with variable audio pitch and depth reading.
  • True "All-Metal" Mode
  • Light Weight - Approximately 2.9 pounds
  • Made in the USA
  • 5 Year Warranty on all models

What is Unique to the F4?

  • Search Coil: Waterproof 11" Bi-Axial
  • 5.9 kHz Frequency - Just right for an all-purpose detector.
  • 11 Segment Digital Target Identification - For a quick view of what is being detected.
  • Auto-Tune and Manual Ground Balance - Perfect for new users who want more features as they gain experience.
  • Audio ID Tones - 4 Tones
  • Discrimination Variability Control - Adjustable from 0-7
  • 1/4" Headphone Jack
  • 30-40 Hour Battery Life

What is Different about the F5?

  • Search Coil: Waterproof 10" elliptical concentric open center.
  • 7.8 kHz Frequency - perfect for coins, relics, and casual gold prospecting.
  • Frequency Shift - For eliminating electrical interference and cross-talk.
  • Audio ID Tones - 4 Tones
  • Advanced Software-Based Motion Discrimination - For searching in trashy areas.
  • Target ID Confidence Bar Graph
  • Discrimination Variability Control - Adjustable from 0-65
  • Adjustable Audio Pitch - Perfect for those with hearing loss at specific frequencies.
  • Ground Balance - Computer assisted ground balance.

What Sets the F70 Apart?

  • Search Coil Package Option 1: Waterproof 10" elliptical concentric open center.
  • Search Coil Package Option 2: Waterproof 11” DD and 5” DD coils
  • 13kHz Frequency - For coin shooting, relic hunting, Jewelry hunting and gold prospecting.
  • Continuous Display of Ground Mineral Concentration
  • Audio ID Tones - From 1 to 99
  • Discrimination Variability Control - Adjustable from 0-65
  • Speed Selection - Slow setting is perfect for deep coins in non-trashy areas.
  • Ground Balance - Computer assisted ground balance.

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