Detech Search Coil Comparison: SEF, Ultimate, Symmetric Electromagnetic Field Technology, Double Elliptical Butterfly

With funding from the success of the sales of the world’s first Pulse Induction detector with microprocessing control, Detech opened a new division producing accessory coils for leading brands of metal detectors. This led to the development of innovative search coils that offer many advantages over standard coils.

Coil Sizes

Detech coils come in several common sizes, including the smaller 8 x 6” SEF, 4.5 x 7” SED, 10 x 5” SEF, 13” Ultimate, 15” Ultimate, 7” Ultimate, 12” x 10”, 15” x 12”, 18” x 15” SEF Butterfly coils . Detech even has an extensive offering of coils for Minelab detectors. There are coils for Minelab E-TRAC, Safari, Explorer, Sovereign, GPX, GP, and SD Series Gold Detectors in sizes as small as a 6” mono loop, all the way up the world’s largest 32” concentric coil for GPX, GP, and SD Series Gold Detectors.

Determining what size coil will be best for you will depend on what you are searching for and where you will be searching. Bigger can be better, but not always. Larger coils, in general, have wider and deeper search areas. If you need to cover a large area or are searching for deeper targets, a larger coil may be the way to go. However, bigger isn’t always better. Smaller coils may be a better choice for working in tight spaces, especially those with a lot of brush. Their more concentrated search area gives them better target separation and pinpointing and works well in areas with a lot of metallic trash or where there are multiple targets in a small space. They are also more effective in finding the tiniest of targets.

What do the Detech SEF Butterfly and Ultimate Search Coils have in common?

Featuring patented Symmetric Electromagnetic Field (SEF), and Ultimate Coil technologies, Detech coils bring greater performance to Fisher, Garrett, Teknetics, White’s, Minelab, and Detech’s own metal detectors.

Features of all Detech Coils

  • Waterproof
  • Coil Cover Included
  • 2 Year Warranty

Detech SEF Butterfly Search Coil

Detech’s Symmetric Electromagnetic Field (SEF) technology offers better all-around performance than standard DD coils. The SEF’s double elliptical coil design creates an expanded search area in the larger overlap of the transmit and receive coils. With improved ground balance, stability, pinpointing, and target identification, the SEF coil will offer notable improvement in the performance of your metal detector.

What is Unique about the Detech SEF Butterfly Search Coil?

  • Double Elliptical Butterfly Coil Design
  • SEF - Symmetric Electromagnetic Field Technology

Detech Ultimate Search Coil

Detech’s patented Ultimate coil design offers an expanded search area as compared to standard DD coils. The coil is filled with lightweight resin, glass fibers, and chopped-stand material to offer premium shock resistance. Fitted with a Detech Ultimate Search coil, your detector will provide more stable operation, better ground balance, greater depth, and better pinpointing.

What is Unique about the Detech Ultimate Search Coil?

  • Patented Ultimate Coil Design

To zero in on the coil that is the best for your metal detector go to the Detech brand pageselect your manufacturer. You can then narrow your search using the “Shop By” navigation/tool on the left and choose your preferred coil shape and size.