Cleaning Your Finds

Detecting Pro David Bernzweig

My wife, Sondra, disembarked from the plane after the last Wisconsin Treasure Hunters Association Hunt with a package tucked away in her luggage (The luggage arrived with her, because she doesn't let it out of her sight anymore!). She said, "Wait until you see this fabulous stuff I brought you!"

We dodged around the traffic exiting Logan Airport, crawled through the Callahan/Summer Tunnel and she kept on saying how this stuff called "Finch's Magic Tumble Clean" was really good.

It seems that in preparing for the hunt, she had been asked to count silver dimes and wheaties for burying. When she looked at the coins, which of course were all dug stuff, she was amazed at their condition. She asked how they got that way, because not in the many years since we became a detecting family, had she seen such a large number of dug coins look so shiny, satiny clean. The answer was that these coins had all been tumbled in Magic Tumble Clean, manufactured by Finch Products.

The next day at the hunt, Sondra met Doyle and Ruth Finch. She said that they are a very warm couple from Birch Run, Michigan, who have also been avid detectorists for a number of years. Doyle told her that, he had developed Magic Tumble Clean over a period of ten years, before he started to sell the cleaner in 1987. The cleaner is totally nontoxic, non-abrasive, and non-polluting. It is perfectly safe to use on all of the items that anyone finds. He said that it would be an individual's personal decision as to whether or not they would want to use it on coins with some numismatic value. After using the cleaner on enough regular coins, a person can establish their own feelings.

So I said to Sondra, "Okay, we have thousands of coins lying around that we can't do anything with, I'm game." I got a lot of my finds out, brought out the Lortone tumbler and started cleaning my pennies. I had to agree with her, since after only about an hour or so of tumbling in Magic Tumble Clean, the pennies looked like new. Since then, we have been using this product and highly recommend it to anyone with coins to clean. Magic Tumble Clean comes packed as a kit with red or blue fiberglass stones, which facilitate the tumbling and includes full instructions. The compund is the same for any color metal, however because silver, gold and nickel cannot be cleaned with copper, bronze or brass; the blue kit is used for silver and the red kit is used for copper. It is used in conjunction with a special rubber barrel coin tumbler.

Do you have a pile of coins you've found yet haven't been able to clean? Check out the Magic Tumble Clean system by Finch Products - You'll be amazed at the results!

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