XP DEUS With WS4 Backphone Headphone + Remote + 9" OR 11" X35 Search Coil

Relic Hunt in pounded sites

Review by Jerry T
After 42 years of metal detecting my shoulder said “get me a lighter metal detector", long story short I got the Deus and made it through 6 hours of relic hunting with no problem. I was concerned that I would be losing depth but after attending Andy Sabisch’s Deus boot-camp, reading his book and some personal coaching, I was digging deeper than with anything I have used in 42 years. My last detector was a CTX 3030 and it was a great machine but still heavy at 5.5 lbs.

I took the Deus to two of my pounded sites. The first one produced 8 minie balls, a kepi button and some miscellaneous camp lead, etc. The second site produced another kepi button, 8 minie balls, and an eagle vest button right in the middle of a road bed we walked over a hundred times. These places were hunted to death with top end detectors even with large loops, etc. With other detectors I have tried here since we hunted it so hard have produced 1 or 2 shot bullets and I had given up on them. When the cold weather comes back I can't wait to get back in there with the Deus 11" search coil.

I also didn't think I would like the WS 4 backphone headphone but quickly changed my mind the first time out. Lightweight and the sound quality is unbelievable. In noisy environments I am sure the WS 5 headphones would do a better job just have not tested them yet.

(Posted on June 18, 2015)

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