XP DEUS With WS4 Backphone Headphone + Remote + 9" OR 11" X35 Search Coil

Great detector if you can afford it.

Review by G.Goldstein
My first detector was a radio shack orange thing I got for my Bar Mitzvah when I was 12, a little early. I found a 1799 large cent at this little park at the end of my street. Since them I have detected and now at 49 I am in love with the XP Deus. I will say that although it is the best I've had, I still dig junk periodically. However, I dig a LOT of great relics and coins more often than any other detector I’ve had.

I love the wireless ability and the light weight. You can swing this all day. I've found everything from a 1722 De Gortz to a 1797 Massachusetts Copper, to a gold ring. Easy to use, easy to set your own programs, and service from a XP dealer in the mid-west has been superb. I did have a problem with my XP after a year on the way to Cape Cod and the guys at Metaldetector.com told me to stop by to fix it on the way to the cape. They worked on it and instead of holding me up replaced the unit with a new one. I have yet to hear anyone else with a problem with one of these but I can tell you that if you have a problem these guys are here to help. You won't go wrong with this baby. Many guys in my club brag and run out and buy the Ml 3030 and that unit is HEAVY and bulky. They all like it but constantly complain about it's heft and clear visibility to the general public while detecting. I can tell you that if need be the XP can be shrunk down in seconds and hidden if necessary. Carry it in a backpack and no one would know you have it.

A great machine with all the bells and whistles and even a waterproof kit. But this you simply will love it and the service you get. THIS is the bomb.

(Posted on April 15, 2015)

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