XP DEUS With WS4 Backphone Headphone + Remote + 9" OR 11" X35 Search Coil

The more time spent using the Deus, the less one wants to put it away!

Review by Andy Sabisch
I've had the opportunity to use the Deus from XP Metal Detectors for some time now in a wide range of sites, applications and ground conditions and have been very impressed with its performance and features. I've talked to fellow hunters in Europe and the UK for some time now about the Deus and it has built a large following over there with some pretty impressive finds turning up from sites that have been heavily hunted for decades. Unfortunately XP had not opted to supply the US market since they were having challenges supplying the market they already had across the pond so to speak. Thankfully as production rates increased this changed and US hunters can now purchase the Deus and have it serviced in the States.

OK, enough background . . . . how does it work? Well, the fact it weighs virtually nothing especially when compared to other professional-grade detectors stands out as soon as you unpack it. It has a very unique design and after using it for the time I have, I can see that it was well-thought out based on the comfort after using it for hours on end.

The control unit has a very easy to navigate menu structure and the terms on the screen are very easy to understand . . . combined with the well-written manual, one should be able to master many of the capabilities of the Deus in fairly short order . . . . . I am picking up new tricks each time out but that will be the case with any detector.

The response of the Deus in high trash sites which is where I tend to spend most of my time looking to pull the remaining goodies out is about as good as I have seen on any detector - you can tweak it as needed or opt for one of the 9 well-designed preset programs built into the detector – each of which was crafted by users that saw what worked and what didn’t in the field and not simply on a bench in the lab somewhere.

It will hit targets quite small in size at impressive depths - a few Civil War "buck-and-ball" lead pellets came to light from 6" and percussion caps from about the same with solid repeatable signals in red Georgia clay. Several coins came out from holes with more than one rusted nail in close proximity to the coin showing that the Deus can identify and ignore iron yet ferret out good targets in the midst of the trash.

I'll be providing additional feedback on the Deus through the Blog section but so far, the build quality is first rate, the performance will satisfy even the most demanding of hunters and the unique features including no wires, long battery length, super comfortable headphones, the lack of weight and the multitude of options that allow one to truly customize the detector yet not being overly complicated to adjust all show that there was a great deal of thought and testing during the design phase by the XP Metal Detectors staff.

(Posted on February 26, 2012)

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