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The Teknetics G2+ Limited Metal Detector includes a sharp Camouflage design and advanced features, Now you can head back to those worked out coin and relic hunting sites and pull out the targets that others have left behind. If you are fan of the original G2, you will love the new Teknetics G2+ model!

Teknetics G2+ Metal Detector - A High Performance Coin And Relic Detector

If you are searching some of those hard hit coin and relic hunting sites - you need the innovative G2+ from Teknetics. This industry leading design features the control you need to combat those iron infested sites with ease.

Conquer Iron Infested Sites With Adjustable Iron Audio

You know the locations, everyone has been picking them clean for years. Armed with the G2+ from Teknetics, you can now return to those old homesteads and foundations that up until now have been too difficult to conquer. The G2+ includes the audio and discrimination capabilities that you need to find the treasures hidden amongst iron targets.

Professional Features - Teknetics Innovations:

  • FeTone® - Adjustable Iron Audio
  • Enhanced V-Break® Tone Discrimination System
  • Notch Mode with Adjustable Notch Width
  • Adjustable Backlight
  • Computerized Ground Grab One Touch Ground Balance with Manual Override
  • Ground balance all the way to Salt
  • Static All Metal Pinpoint with Depth Reading
  • 19 kHz Operating Frequency
  • Ultra-Lightweight, only 2.5 lb. (1.1 kg)
  • Limited Edition Green Camouflage

Unmatched Target Separation in Iron and Continuous Ground Condition Readout

  • Ground Phase value indicates type of mineralization
  • Fe3o4 graphic indicates amount of mineralization

Teknetics G2+ Limited Edition Standard Factory Items Included:

  • 5 Year Warranty Detailed
  • Instruction Manual

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