Author Clive Clynick field tests the Makro Pointer

by Clive Clynick

Author Clive James Clynick uses the new Makro Pointer to zero in on another target.

The newly released Makro Pointer is a powerful, ruggedly constructed pinpointer designed to help you retrieve targets quickly and efficiently on land or in shallow water. Pro-level features of the pinpointer include selectable target indication (tone. vibration, or both) and a 3600 detection field. This means that you can lay the Makro Pointer flat and sweep for your target, just as with a detector coil. The tone &/or vibration will quicken as the object is closer to the tip. This allows you to tell when a target is out in front of the probe— a great timesaver in the field.

Another well thought-out feature is that you can actually gouge sand or soft soil with the Makro Pointer. This is because it comes with two replaceable tip guards that prevent the search point from wearing. One of these has a flat scraping edge to dig with, allowing you to get closer to the target as you pin-point.

Two buttons control the Makro Pointer's various features and adjustments.

The Makro Pointer is also designed to be used in all types of sand or soil, and sensitivity can be adjusted for maximum reach— even in black or salt sand. It is also very powerful, sounding off on a medium sized ring over 3" from the point or side of the probe. With 3600 sensitivity, this makes for a large detection field. Small-object sensitivity is also very impressive. At a full setting, even thin chains respond loudly when the detection point is swept across a single length.

At the shoreline the Makro Pointer is submersible to a depth of one meter (3) and carries the same certification (1P67) as professional waterproof electronic components. This is significant in that it's a well-known fact that most gold is found within 10 of the water's edge. Being able to retrieve targets quickly and efficiently in this prime hunt zone is a huge advantage.

There's also an LED light aimed at the detection tip. Thanks to this light and the vibration and tone alert features, night hunting just got a lot easier!

Another problem with existing pinpointers is that when you put them down to dig, they detune your detector— that is, they present a stationary metal or electromagnetic signal that confuses your machine's coil. The Makro Pointer is interference-free when turned off— it presents no signal. I also noticed that it didn't have to be turned off not to interfere... just held to the side opposite your coil.

A Quick Field Test

I recently spoke with a new hunter who was working some of the local parks that I had long since given up on. He was using a Makro Pointer and had found several gold rings in the last few weeks. I could not help but attribute his speedy recovery of targets to his success in sorting through the junk. Never having been a "pinpointer guy," I was interested in seeing how this one performed and helped with the search. The first thing I noticed was that it was really sturdy. There was no way that this device was going to break any time soon, and I felt confident in using the flat-bladed probe guard to gouge vigorously in packed sand. The controls were easy to use, too, with just two buttons serving to activate all of the various features. I was able to switch between tone, vibrate, or both, use the light, and make changes to the sensitivity setting with only a minute's practice.

Accompanying the Makro Pointer are two hard-shell protection tips, a belt holster, finds bag, carrying pouch, and strap. A 9V battery and manual are included as well.

I also liked the Makro Pointer's depth. I was surprised at how much farther underground several responses were than expected. Because some of these objects were quite small, I actually ended up turning the sensitivity down!

After using the vibrate feature for a few minutes, I was fast learning how to tell where an object was by the varied movement of the handle. This would be really handy in the shallows. It also sounded off well, even in a strong wind. I will definitely be working with the Makro Pointer this season—a nice addition to my hunt kit.

For anyone serious about finding treasure, the Makro Pointer is a great value that will add to your speed, accuracy, and effectiveness in the field. It's also built to go into the wettest, muddiest, dustiest conditions—or wherever you choose to search.

The Makro Pointer comes with two tip guards, a secure belt holster, hardshell case, carrying strap, 9V battery, and a two-year warranty.

The Makro Pointer sounded off well even on thin chains and small test targets. I was quite surprised to find that the Makro pointer responded well across a single length of thin chain.

More information is available at or contact the U.S. distributor, Detector Electronics Corp., 23 Turnpike Rd., Southborough, MA 01772. Phone 1-800-446-0244 or 1-508-460-6244. Be sure to mention that you read about the Makro Pointer in Western & Eastern Treasures!