What Metal Detector Accessories Should I Start With?

Below are our suggestions for the basic equipment that every well-outfitted treasure hunter should have. Each accessory is designed to the highest quality standards. The majority of these items are hand crafted right here in the United States.

Watch our Best Metal Detector Accessories to Start with Video (2018)

These are the basic metal detector accessories to start with:

  1. Headphones: Let you hear the oldest, deepest targets & block external noises. We suggest the Nippon Audio Metal Detector Headphones.
  2. Carry Bag: Protects your new detector and makes transporting easy. We suggest the Pro Series Universal Standard Metal Detector Carry Bag.
  3. Digging Trowel or Beach Sifter Scoop: Allows for easy recovery of targets in the grass or on the beach.
  4. Finds Pouch: You will need a zippered carry pouch to carry your digging tools and store your recovered coins and jewelry.
  5. Pinpointing Probes: Quickly and precisely locate your target.

Metal Detector Accessory Kits:

You can also consider one of our complete accessory starter kits shown below. Our staff has hand picked the top items that we suggest based on your budget. Each kit is complete and includes everything that you will need to get started metal detecting right away.

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