Complete review of the Camel Mining Pro-Camel 24 Gold Panning Machine

By Daniel Bernzweig

With the Pro-Camel 24 Automatic Gold Panning Machine Camel Mining has basically revolutionized gold panning! Operating on the same principals of traditional gold panning, the Pro-Camel 24 Automatic Gold Panning Machine separates the gold from the earth through the use of water, motion, and gravity. That said, the Pro-camel 24 Automatic Gold Panning Machine is nothing like panning for gold by hand!

Unlike traditional panning, the Camel Mining Pro-Camel 24 Automatic Gold Panning Machine can process upwards of 60 pounds of material in just a minute! That means much less time bent over sifting to find the precious gold nuggets.

Also, when you use the Pro-Camel 24 Automatic Gold Panning Machine you’ll see a dramatic increase in the amount of gold nuggets you do find. With the ability to sift through more material more quickly, you’ll end up finding 50% more gold than you would searching by hand; that’s a LOT less work and a LOT more gold!

Not only that, with it’s exclusive aqua-jet technology, the Pro-Camel 24 Automatic Gold Panning Machine ensures the material stays in a slurry allowing the gold to drop out into the spirals. This means you lose fewer gold nuggets during the sifting process to help maximize your nugget hunting time even further. And the spirals help the Pro-Camel catch even the smallest, finest pieces of gold too; the pieces you’d surely miss when panning by hand.

Don’t take our word for it though. Here are a few of the many customers we’ve heard from who are already using the Camel Mining Pro-Camel 24 Automatic Gold Panning Machine. Take a look at what they have to say so you can get a better feel for how this machine performs out in the field.

“...I’ve not used an automatic gold panning machine this big before and I’ve found more gold than in all my 20 years nugget hunting since I started using the Pro-Camel“

“The Pro-Camel 24 Automatic Gold Panning Machine has made panning fun again...”

“More gold in less time - it’s really true!”

The Pro-Camel 24 Automatic Gold Panning Machine is the largest 12-volt automatic spiral gold panning machine manufactured anywhere. To learn more about it visit our product page. Here you can view the full specifications, product manual, and even view an informative video on the machine. So take a closer look at this automatic gold panning machine today and start finding more gold the minute you begin using it.

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